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[1.16.5+] OneStick - TreeFellingFix


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One Stick Mod to rule them all...

And in darkness bind them!!!


Wait a second sorry thats umm something else... don't mind that... anyhow... where was I? oh yeah I fixed a thing...

Currently just fixes what appears to be a bug in the vanilla axe code. 

When felling a tree the branchy leaves rarely ever drop sticks.

The game code seems to indicate that they should drop sticks around 80% of the time when felling the tree.

I started with this number as a static number but that did not feel right too many sticks and no ramp when using better axes.

So now it's default config is to ramp from 10% at a teir 0 axe (if they exist) to 80% with a teir 5 axe. This cap at 80% means that its still more efficent to manually harvest the branches before you chop down the tree but still effective.

I am about to launch the Mod on the ModDB and will update below when I have a build there.


I plan to make several other probably optional additions to this like sane craftable stick options for more advanced gameplay. See the Github for details, and please feel free to suggest more stick related goodness.


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  • Updated the codebase for the new method signatures of 1.17
  • This version is compatible with 1.17.0-pre.1+

Known Bugs

  • The config writes out the hidden props (the ones that start with a _ character)
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