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  1. I would love to pick your brain about this. Mind talking to me on discord when you can? Vies#0643
  2. Vies Blocks Current Version : v0.1.0 (VS-1.12.14) The Vies Blocks mod adds more blocks to play with! This mod also introduces a new utility block, the "Trash Can". Items in the Trash Can stay until it is emptied. There is no retrieving discarded items! Currently the mod contains : - Hay Blocks (Stairs, Slabs, Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, and Gates). - Bamboo Blocks (Stairs, Slabs, Doors, Trapdoors, Fences, and Gates). - Trash Cans (Acacia, Birch, Kapok, Maple, Oak, Pine) To use the Trash Can: 1. [Right-Click] the Trash Can and place items you want to discard in the slots. (has 4 slots) 2. Exit the GUI, then hold [Shift] + [Right Click] to empty! Planned: - Add a new block, the "Trunk". This is a storage container with 24 slots. You can upgrade it with supports to change the look and make it 28 slots. - Add a new block, "Painting of Memories". This is a painting with 7 variants. When you place it, sneak + right-click will scroll through each variant. - Add more random blocks as I play on my server. - Find a way to make the Trash Can look full when it has items in the slots. - Have the over over tooltip with Trash Can directions displayed. ViesBlocks-1.12.14-0.1.0.zip
  3. I definitely appreciate this explanation! I must admit, I am still new at the game, making my clay pots and what not, but originally, I had about 4 slots per tier. I looked at the code and according to the devs at vintage story metal Tiers are set up like this : Tier 0 = Lead, Molybdochalkos Tier 1 = Copper, Silver, Gold, Bismuth, Zinc Tier 2 = Tin Bronze, Bismuth Bronze, Black Bronze, Brass Tier 3 = Iron Tier 4 = Tin, Steel Tier 5 = Chromium, Stainless Steel Tier 6 = Titanium, Platinum Tier 7 = Rhodium Tier 8 = Uranium My initial though was to make chests up to Tier 3 since I wasn't sure if anything higher was even really used yet. My next update will be including chest variants of Tier 0 - Tier 3 metals. I will also be increasing the space for each Tier as well. Originally, I was going to go with the following : Tier 0 = 18 slots | Tier 1 = 20 slots | Tier 2 = 24 slots | Tier 3 = 28 slots But with how abundant some other metals are, I may adjust this a bit. Thanks for the explanation, it truly does help.
  4. I would like to know if anyone found out how to add tooltips to blocks and items? I see things like blockmaterial will display the Material, but just want to know if there is a way to expand on that, write a description.
  5. Got my server going and I see what you mean. Just to clear the air, my mod is working, those chests can store things! Haha For whatever reason, I though my chests were not working at all. I can look into carryCapacity integration after I add my other chests and blocks I had in mind.
  6. I am firing up a public server, going to test it. My blocks use the default Generic Container class, not sure what could be preventing my mod from working, but I will find out in the next 15 minutes or so.
  7. I just fired up my game and I was able to move things around using both the Hunter Backpack and the Leather Backpack. I did notice something weird with the game itself (no mods) that could help. I have been remoting into my gaming laptop to play and the game seems to loose track of the mouse if the window is sized too small. If my cursor is hovering over and item slot (my hotbar), it seems to confuse the game. I have to hit escape (pull up the menu) and move the mouse into the middle of the screen and it plays like normal. Again, with no mods.
  8. Yeah, sure thing! Is this for single player or multiplayer?
  9. Vies Storage Current Version : v0.1.0 (VS-1.12.14) The Vies Storage mod adds more chest options to Vintage Story, without breaking the challenge we all know and love. Currently the mod contains : - Copper Chests (18 slots) - Tin Bronze Chests (20 slots) - Iron Chests (22 slots) To make these chests, you will need to forge "Chest Support" items using an anvil and the metal type. For the full recipes, refer to the in-game handbook! Planned: - I want to make various chests for all of the metal options in the game. They will have their storage capacities based on their Tier. Tier 1 = 18 slots | Tier 2 = 22 slots | Tier 3 = 26 slots - I want to add labeled versions of all chests. - I would like to add secret paintings that can hold a few hidden items too. viesstorage-1.12.14-0.1.0.zip
  10. Did you try to make your modid all lowercase? It accepted mine when I did that. I know from Minecraft modding, the modid must be lowercase. I hope this helps!
  11. Alright, I think I figured it out. In my csproj, I had to add the following: I am new to how visual Studio works and did some digging. I don't remember seeing having to have this in any of the modding stuff in the wiki. it should be added to help ease others coming for the Minecraft/forge world. Thanks!
  12. I am trying to follow the guide (seems like multiple ways to set up a mod) and things seem like they are not loading. I can see my mod in the list, (only the name and description from my modinfo file) but my test item isn't showing up in the world. I even tried to put a write line statement in but it never goes off. Any help is appreciated. I have my .cs files set up below (tried to make the test pickaxe from the wiki): Main.cs TestItem.cs Edit: just to add, there are no compiler errors in either file. I can supply the assets -> itemtype/lang/texture info if needed.
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