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  1. I figured a lot of Screenshots at night are very very dark. Making them nearly impossible to read on some screens. So I see a lot of people post screenshots of their builds and one just cannot see much. I know that this may not be the case on your own screen, but it is super likely that alot of people cannot see what you are posting. So in favor of being able to show what you did, I am proposing this feature to be able to show your builds and moments with everonye at any time of day Here is an example showing the histograms of the pictures. The top one is unedited, and the bottom one with increased brightness.
  2. Recipes Update and fix for: - stairs: some faces not rendering when placing another block in front My recipe pack now contains: - Flowerpot (fixed) must be burned, can be filled and gives back flower on destruction (see above) - chimney (unlit) cannot be lit for now afaik (see above) - wooden barrel (simple/closed), works like a chest - bed wooden, decorative - bed hay, decorative - chair (simple wooden), decorative - table (simple wooden), decorative should be compatible on lower versions but for sure on 1.4.2.! skodone_recipepack.zip
  3. My first 2 recipes are ready too! Missing Flowerpots or chimneys in game? there you go Flowerpot can right now also be used raw - working on that, and chimney cannot be lit yet but decorative for sure! recipes.zip
  4. so as i see that Post editing is not a thing so to speak i reupload here BIG UPDATE ON THE SHEEP MOD! a) features male, female and lamb b) 3 colors: whitehead, blackhead and brown sheep c) sheeps reproduce when male and female is present, lambs are born and will grow up after a couple of days d) sheeps will spawn on the map when the mod is installed Future plans: - let there be wool, get wool by killing the sheep (when implemented also when shearing a sheep) - wool products to craft COMPATIBLE and tested with 1.4.2pre5 sheep.zip
  5. have to check that out tonight!
  6. they can drop the wool blocks on death, but how the shear mechanics would work, i guess thats something tyron has to implement making the wool blocks invisible after shearing
  7. Here im gonna provide u with my mods and recipes! Im working on 1.4.2 so the mod is only compatible with 1.4.2+ Im doing some animals for now, the sheep is already done and can be enjoyed fully here: They come in 3 variants and are friendly, they bah and drop some meat (hopefully wool in future!) sheep.zip
  8. I finished the little watchtower! also made a useless chicken pen!
  9. played a little today to test glass, shears and the bow! Also started building a watchtower for long range attacking of drifters! (screenshot with high gamma)
  10. Todays journey and buildings! I encountered strange structures in the sky and on earth, wathced saraty smith and we finished the house, roof flowers pond fence and all! now we miss a chickenfarm!
  11. And our journey continues! Multiplayer testing and progressing we got Tinbronze now, a decent farm to survive and lots of resources to provide us with everything we need (except chicken... theres no chicken anywhere around, chicken are more rare than gold!) I made a nice little floor of sand for us and we still have no roof... also the place is getting a bit crowded... may the house need some expansions ! i also want to build a fence around it to get rid of the nighty drifters and wolves! also enjoy some 2 player screenshots! me and an (unfotunately) male saraty avatar
  12. yaay we will get that roof done next time, with a fence around our valuables and some nice towers for defence
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