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  1. Wow thank you both for the amazing responses! It seems there is still so much to look forward too. The way this game is described makes me think of Minecraft fused with Unreal world https://store.steampowered.com/app/351700/UnReal_World/ which is amazing! you guys convinced me im going to buy it right now lol
  2. So I saw this game through searching survival games and I feel this game might have those things I'm looking for that I enjoy in a few games (some aren't survival games) 1. Animal crossing - I love catching bugs and fishing, i really enjoy how different things appear in the seasons. Is there any bug capturing/fishing ? Can I make a lake and plop a fish in there and have them breed? 2. Kenshi - I love how this game has random caravans of NPC traveling the world with their goods, I love seeing wandering factions and sometimes picking the loot off of the dead corpses..I know through watching some minecraft mods have NPC towns, some have raiding, I just like the idea of randomly finding a town or the NPC remembering me if i stole something or did something good (fable style) so those are my only questions before buying the game..also is there a road map?
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