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    Preferably it would have its own unique ammunition that stacks to like 3-5 and is crafted with say 1 spearhead/arrowhead 2 sticks and a feather "or without the feather for an accuracy penalty" maybe have it 1 shot headshot rams and even larger animals, i remember a documentary i saw and it showed a fairly large dart head that had pierced the cranial cavity of an ancient bison
  2. Donovar


    It would provide a nice middle ground between a spear and a bow, while not having the damage of a thrown spear however it would be more deadly than a bow but with less range and no ability to melee attack.
  3. Bowyering would be a nice addition to the game and give some depth to archery having better bows depend on the type of wood used, personal skill "when skills are implemented" and thickness of the bow determining how easy or hard it is to craft/draw said bow. Oak Maple Pine and Birch are all pretty good bow woods and later tree additions such as Elm Yew and Walnut could very well make exceptional bows capable of dealing very high damage.
  4. I don't think the devs are going to implement electricity " I very well could be wrong" as for steam power its not a huge jump technology wise and would fit the setting IMO it would be pretty neato to have a steam powered quarry setup for larger scale mining operations.
  5. Oh ok just putting my thought out here, just found this game a few days ago and already put an ungodly amount of time in the game and thoroughly enjoying it
  6. Would Be a nice QOL early game to be able to melt down these copper spear and arrow heads into more useful tools.
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