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  1. I used your idea Darkhekromant, and it seems to work. I had one test where I died, and I'm not sure why so monitor that. Should be fixed Metusalix. Let me know how it works, and thanks so much for the feedback!
  2. Sorry, It seems I was in the middle of adding permissions. While you wait for me to fix this, here is a solution: Open up the servercofig.json file in the mod folder and manually add the permission "rtp" to the playergoup you want. I have not gotten the add permission node to work in game yet.
  3. I currently have the height at 200 I believe. I will have to fix that for you. I would like to make it configurable in the future. Let me know also if they are dying from fall, or suffocation in wall. Thank you so much! I'll try to fix it as quickly as possible.
  4. I cannot replicate that issue on my server. Can I get some more information from you? Are you using single player or multiplayer? I suspect that since this is attached to time and not ticks that a slow loading time might make the fall protections wear off before you're loaded in. Another point that might cause an issue. What is the height your world is set at? Very high worlds may cause you to phase into the mountains, and I'll be working on solving that as well. For now I'll add 2 seconds to the fall damage timer and hopefully that helps.
  5. Yes, that's an easy fix. I'll look into it. I believe if the world loads too slowly your protection doesn't last long enough. I'll investigate, thanks!
  6. This mod advances the in game clock to 8:00 AM when a new player joins for the first time. I noticed that many players do not stay if they join a server and it is night time. This should help to allow new players to get established when they first start. How to install: drop the RisingSun.zip file into the server's mod folder. How to use: When a new player joins, the in game calendar will automatically advance to 8:00AM. Pairs well with Bunny's Simple Spawn & Bunny's Just /RTPDiscordGithub risingsun.zip
  7. I teleport the player to the top of the world and turn off fall damage for a few moments. This is server side only, but I have plans to make a client-server side mod.
  8. Thank you! These mods are primarily for creative servers, however they can be used for survival as well! I intend to make a teleport mod specifically for survival gameplay that is more difficult to use!
  9. This is a simple mod that adds the random teleport feature. This is server side only, but can be used for single player worlds. How to install: drop the JRTP.zip file into the server's mod folder. How to use: use the command /rtp to be randomly teleported within 100k radius of the spawn. Update 1.0.3: -Mod checks for water/ground when falling Pairs well with Bunny's Simple SpawnDiscordGithub jrtp-1.0.3.zip
  10. A simple mod for the server to allow the players to use /spawn. Simply drop the zip into the mod folder of the server to install. To use type /spawn and your player will be teleported to spawn. Pairs well with Bunny's Just Random Teleport Discord Github SimpleSpawn.zip
  11. To add to what Streewind said, This game is built upon APIs designed to make it easy to mod the game. Any feature not in the game is easy to add to the game. They even have their own visual 3d object creator. It would not surprise me at all to find a crossbow mod in the game at some point. What I would expect in a crossbow: -Later tech; it is a mechanical weapon -rapid fire but inaccurate -stronger vs armor/humanoids than animals
  12. [SERVER] Doomland [U.S. EAST] [18+] Address: vsdoomland.g.akliz.net:34638 Mode: Survival Discord: https://discord.gg/sqMHa6G Description: Doomland is a sever hub that has been operated intermittently for over 10 years. After a shut down last year we are launching again. We now have a new Vintage Story server open to the public. Please come in and make yourself at home! We intend to develop mods for Vintage Story. If you wish to be involved in the development of a new VS community around a new game, this server is for you! Doomland is an adult community. We ask that our members are 18+. However we are all-inclusive and as such all ages are welcome with the permission of a parent. We seek to provide a safe place to express your opinions without the worry of being appropriate. -Be kind! No racism, hate speech, bullying or name calling. -No griefing. Don't undo other players work to "troll".
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