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  1. TL;DR - The entire reason for wanting to modify this, in case someone wants to take issue, is that I find the wolves unrealistically aggressive, and designed in a way that maligns creatures that rarely attack humans, yet are feared more than most wild animals due to misinformation. Good evening! In following the modding example for making wolves less aggressive/dangerous here, it seems like there is a disconnect between what it says should work, and what actually works. For example, even when turning the seek range down to 1, wolves will still come across a good 15+ blocks or more and attack. I have tried the Reload Mods option under the Mod Manager, thinking that perhaps it does not check upon load for modifications, but the wolves still behave the same. Does anyone have any experience getting this to work? As of v1.12.14, it seems to not work the way I would expect from the documentation. I literally have this: { code: "seekentity", entityCodes: ["player"], priority: 1.49, movespeed: 0.045, seekingRange: 1, animation: "Run", leapAtTarget: true, leapAnimation: null, animationSpeed: 2.2, leapChance: 0.01, sound: "creature/wolf/growl", whenInEmotionState: "aggressiveondamage" } And yet, the seekingRange seems to be far higher than a value of 1 would suggest. This edit is in both wolf-male.json and wolf-female.json, so I know it is not that I missed an edit somewhere between the two. Any insight is appreciated. NOTE: If there is a way to turn off player-based aggression unless attacked another way, I am all ears Thanks!
  2. The primary issue I have is that wolves do not automatically attack in real life; they are more likely to avoid humans, not engage them. I would like that to carry over into the game, honestly; yeah, sure, hard mode is one thing, let things be far more hostile. But the default Survival mode should have wolves who attack to attack solely when 1) protecting cubs, 2) defending against attack, 3) the last efforts to fend off starvation. The truth of the matter is that wolves, by their very nature, tend to leave humans alone, although they can have positive interactions and live alongside one another, if needed (see: Human History, Dog History). Just my suggestion.
  3. When using the clay-fired storage vessel, I noticed that if you insert a food, remove it, break and reposition the container, then re-insert the food, sometimes, the food fresh expiration date increases. This is not positional, as moving the container a few blocks away, then putting it back in the original position may still yield a net increase of up to ~4 days. For example, I have 4 onions that have 27.5 days in my inventory. Yet, after a few times moving around the container, I have preservation dates that have went up from 96 days (original placement) to 108.2 days (the fourth placement). In that same time, my inventory now shows 27.4 days when I remove them from the container.
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