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  1. Natürlich geht das. Schau mal in die Einstellungen unter Oberfläche. Diese erscheinen dann in der rechten-oberen Ecke. (Unter der Minimap)
  2. Hi all, first... we need e guide-section in this forum. I did intensive research to find out which objects can be writable and which colors/materials are available. Actually only 3 objects can be written: 1. Sign 2. Labeled Chest 3. Sign post You can write with 7 items in 6 colors: 1. Chalk stone = white 2. Limestone stone = light grey (very light but NOT white) 3. Charcoal* = black 4. Black coal* = black 5. Cinnabar = light red 6. Nugget (Malachit) = light green 7. Rough lapis lazuli = light blue * = Brown coal dosn´t work! The rendering of text looks a little bit strange and is not always easy to read. I wish: - better color/text rendering. - a way to write in bold. - more colors/materials. - different colors on ONE object, especially on the signpost. - all 3 objects in all different woodtypes. What you think... ... is this guide helpfull? ... i forgot something? ... any questions or wishes?
  3. Correct.. you need a complete ne game-account. This is because you do not buy / purchase the game, but the account. When the old account is (only) deactivated, and not deleted, you need a different email for you new account.
  4. Yes i agree with you. Fishing is one of the oldest food procurement. - fishing with a spear or fishing rod. - gut fish - cooking or smoke fish
  5. Yes, the water is a mysterious. You can take with a bucket (10 l) from any waterblock (still or flowing) without becoming less, and (caution) fill a hole from 1m³ with faboulous 875 l water* instant. 10 = 875 ... thats real magic! But if you fill water in a barrel (max 50l)... the liters must be exakt mixing with other components. * A 1m³ hole (1000 liter) is filled with 7/8 water = 875 liter.
  6. Hello all, i LOVE the microblockChisel option. One of the best function for creative players. But everyone know it... i can be cost many time to chisel block in detail. So i have some questions: - Is it possibe to import/export chiseld blocks from one to other world or server? Its very hard to chisel personal used blocks again and again in every new world (Or server) - is it possible to copy a chiseld block with other blocktexture, or create/use a blueprint? I use many time to create a complex set of sloped blocks (First with hay blocks) Now i "need" my hay-slopes in clay-shingles... but chisel all slopes again with every needed block-type? And if its possible to export, import, blueprint chiseld blocks, so we can change our fantastic chiseld blocks.
  7. I think too that vintage story is a little bit unbalanced. Why? Its possible to break cobblestone with hand, und build a "cobblestone"-house?! (e.g. from ruins) But one of the oldest house building (wood) needs many advanced steps. (mining, melting, forge) An this only to build simple thinks like doors? I underständ the real technology behind the gamemechanic. Alternate idea: Simple provisional door build with sticks. (like ladders.. they lokks build with planks)
  8. I think a skin-mode is important. Actualy the character looks like a young female gothic-girl. On servers, the players differ only in their clothing and/or armor.
  9. Hello, i like this game, and beat many drifters. But.... what are drifters? The VS-wiki only says thats are "common humanoid monsters". Realy? I personally find that they have some similarities to orangutans (monkey). Maybe a little sloth in there. Ok, booth animals are in reallife more peaceful. But what you think?
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