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  1. I came across a strange looking stone ruin with just a door like entrance remaining. I dug down and fell into a pocket filled with webs, strange looking blocks with skulls on them. The chest contained a book with a chapter named Breakdown which was kind of eerie talking about the otherworldliness leaking into this one. Could it be another dimension? The chest contained various types of rusty gears too. The seed to my world is 727733228. If you walk South-West you will come across 4 ruins adjacent to each other. I have never seen that before. This seed has a lot of ruins to explore from spawn. Enjoy guys if you dare to try out this seed. I do recommend it.
  2. @DrTenabraethanks for replying and look forward to your next update :-).
  3. You have used really nice sounding instruments here. All of my favourites in fact but I would like to make a suggestion. It would be great if the tempo could vary. Here is what I mean - The slower you move the mouse the tempo would decrease and the faster you move the mouse it would increase. Loving this mod. Keep up the good work.
  4. After watching paulsoaresjr on YT for 1 hour I was hooked on Vintage Story as this man knows his good games.  I could not wait to get my hands on Vintage Story and here I am ready to experience the amazing surroundings, gameplay and music.  First day I went over a hill and came face-to-face with a laughing hyena and yes I got congratulated on my first death LOL.  I will need to start a new seed as well as I am not finding any good soil where I am.  I must say I like the option on death to rage quit.  This game certainly has some humour in it which I like as the loading screen has  random short sentences which are fun to read.

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