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  1. Pfev

    Reed walls

    Just a typo with the variant name, I updated the zip file. thx for the feedback
  2. Pfev

    Reed walls

    Walls made of reeds reedwall.zip
  3. I went through files, and the harvesting is in the knife code. Even the animation seems hard coded. I simply recoded a block behaviour. Debarking was just an example, i have other things in mind :D.
  4. Hi everyone. I'd like to implement a game mechanics where blocks can be transformed using a knife+right click like for animal harvesting ( for example to transform a log into a debarked variant). I'd like to reuse code if possible but i can't locate the lines for that feature. Anyone has an idea?
  5. I wanted to test the modding api with this simple first project. I can't believe how simple it was. This mod adds mortar-less variant of cobblestone that falls like sand. Can be used as a rp way to store stones. loose_cobblestones.zip
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