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  1. @ray57913 Sorry about that, I'll have to remove the '+' in the versions. 1.14 had a large change to the anvil. I'll need a week or so to rebuild for the new code.
  2. This is a simple mod to extend the recipes the Helve Hammer is capable of working on to include the other vanilla 2D smithing recipes. Allows ingots without a 'recipe' selection to be picked back up as ingots. (Current vanilla behavior is they automatically become arrowhead 'work items' when placed on Anvil) Extended recipes incur a speed penalty for balance; indicated visually by slag particles during smithing. Hammers, Padlocks, and Helve Hammers are "3D" recipes and still need to be crafted traditionally. This is my first mod and foray into harmony; feedback and bug reports
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