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  1. I have found one in a ruin in my world, the only problem is I want to break it and bring it with me. How do I do that?
  2. There are many biomes you can find sand and gravel in. Find one of those and you should be good
  3. I'm stuck. How do you work iron. I have a forge, heated it up more than half, and now just want to work it so I can have iron pick axes. I have a copper anvil if that helps with figuring it out.
  4. When a trader wants 6 of a thing that doesn't stack, ie. empty skeps or straw dummies is there a way to trade them or is it just a wasted trade?
  5. I have been looking for 3 real life days at this point. This is kind of ridiculous to be looking this long and having found enough favorable biomes just not with any bees.
  6. Does anyone know how to get new clothing? I'm fascinated with all we can get, one problem. I have no idea how to get them. Thank you in advance to any answers.
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