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  1. Thanks! I'm trying to use the ".online" command on the public server, and it is returning, "Command online not found". I put the .dll into the mods directory, as per instructions. However, might it be that because no one is currently online I'm getting that response?
  2. Yeah, I've had this problem too. It doesn't seem to be very common, or at least I got lucky.
  3. Sounds good, thanks for the feedback!
  4. Howdy, I was going to setup a server for myself and a couple friends, but when I was testing out the server software, the log reported critical errors. I'm not sure how important this is, as it occurred on attempting to shut the server down with the command "/stop", but I'm a little worried that I might lose world progress if this turns out to be major. server-crash.txt
  5. Hehe, thanks for the quick response!
  6. Yeah, it's happening consistently when I try to break those molds. I'll leave them now, for the time being
  7. Alright, found the logs. It happened again when I tried to break two molds on the ground. client-debug.txt client-main.txt
  8. Howdy! I've been enjoying the new version quite a lot with the new accessibility stuff (thanks!), but it seems that a new error has arisen. On the server I'm playing on, one of our players was getting multiple crashes, with no identifiable source. After he left, I also crashed. At the time, I was just breaking an old casting mold that was on the ground. I know it isn't much to go on, is there a log that I could post?
  9. Just a couple quality-of-life things that could be added to smooth the multiplayer experience: 1) Add a button that would display the players currently in the game. This display could potentially include stats like connection quality, player level, and time online, perhaps. 2) Add a player count on the server list next to the server's name. A little player count, like 2/5 players, would be nice to have. Possibly a player list here, as well. 3) Create a notification in-game when someone joins, regardless of whether or not the chat window is open. Just a few, simple things that would be greatly appreciated, and could help the game's multiplayer feel a bit more polished. Cheers
  10. I feel like this game might lean towards favoring automation, but then again I'm not the Dev
  11. I just checked a charcoal pit that was 3x3x2, and full of logs. Instead of getting 9 "x layers of charcoal" blocks when the burn finished, I had 9 "game:block-charcoalpile-8" blocks. I'm grasping at straws here, but I think the issue has to do with the game placing additional blocks on top of the bottom layer of finished charcoal blocks.
  12. Simple, when moving in a diagonal direction (by holding 'A' and 'W' for example), the player moves at a speed which is significantly faster than moving straight forwards or to the side. The effect is more noticeable when sprinting
  13. A couple small bugs in the UI: 1) Having a character binded to "show chat" in options that is also used in typing in chat, will result in the chatbox closing while typing 2) When the game is started and the character creator appears, if the tutorial message is also displayed, the tutorial buttons can be clicked through the character creator screen
  14. Alright, I just tried and changed the Axe page; I'm still getting used to editing pages. I'm probably going to go through and edit all the tool pages before anything else. First though: Are the edits I made okay?
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