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  1. Welp. None of that worked. My router settings page does not have a UPnP page, so not sure how to do that. I -think- I'm using Hamachi right. and when we try to connect to either of our games it says that the connection didn't respond (Paraphrasing, too annoyed to get the exact quote right now). I am at a loss. Is there no way to set up easier multiplayer?
  2. First and foremost: the lack of clear and concise information on this particular subject is annoying. Nowhere is there an explanation of how to join a LAN server, only how to set one up. I don't see LAN servers in either my servers, or the servers available. I have spent the last hour and a half attempting to figure out where to see a LAN server, how to forward a port (I -think- I've done it through my McAfee), and scrounging through the forms looking for any explanation that doesn't assume that people know what they're doing. So my question is twofold. 1: How do I join a friend's LAN server (AKA: how do I see a LAN server. We are in the same building connected to the same internet)? 2: Will the multiplayer experience be receiving any further information and/or explanation?
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