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  1. what I have of my old mod that I was trying to fix but I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment with a lot of other non game related things. these are the files I had most of it used to work at one point but I don't have the time to go through it all over again. feel free to look at what I was trying to do and to try getting it functioning again if you like. at the very least I had hoped to get the clay spawning and everything related to the clay working. it was working but spawned in every biome instead of only certain ones. though the clay patches spawned well and it mostly all worked exception of a mold I was working on. an example of where I wanted the clay to spawn is this. when you walk around you find little stones on the surface depending on what biome your in the stones change. sometimes they would be basalt stones others chert and so on I wanted the related clay to only spawn in the biomes you found there respective stones spawning on the surface. if anyone wants to take this and try getting it functioning go ahead. there are a bunch of textures and stuff already done. since a most of it was already working in previous versions of the game the fixes shouldn't be too hard for anyone knowing what they are doing. It might even be simpler than I think. Clay+Misc.zip
  2. yeah I did a patch as well as had completely new stuff but something I think it was the transition between 1.12 to 1.13 or 1.13 to 1.14 the way a name was written changed that broke some things. example changing clay_blue to blue_clay (not actually the word changed but just an example) broke everything that referenced clay_blue. I don't know what changed between when I was on and now I didn't have my pc for a while and just recently connected it back up though not in a great place but I can use it now and I was going to finish fixing a few things and found nothing is working. everything got broke again lol. now I need to start all over with a tutorial and try figuring out how to fix the parts of my mod I had working that are not working anymore.
  3. I was wondering is there a way to update your mod data. everytime there is an update say from 1.13.xx to 1.14.xx and from 1.14.xx to 1.15.xx every time it breaks everything I had working before and I don't know how to update it because I'm not sure what's breaking it all the time when they worked prior to the updates. I basically need to restart them from scratch everytime. is this why a lot of mods don't get updated for most games like the capsule mod for an example for minecraft it's open source so you can update it yourself if you know how I like that mod but it doesn't work in current windows 10 version of minecraft. are problems like this why lots of mods take so long to get up to date and why they usually only updated every few updates rather than every update? I do know that it's a game that is still in development and it will continue changing. I would just like to know of a way to keep my mods up to date instead of remaking them from scratch every time there is an update I can spend more time working on things I haven't finished rather than redoing everything that was previously done and working in the previous version.
  4. Would be good for me because I'm on console more than pc sometimes but more so in my current circumstances where I took down my pc set up in my spare room because my cousin needed a place to go while waiting for his place to get replaced or finds a new place. As such I haven't been on pc lately. I'm afraid to set it up in the living room because there 5 yo is a destructive monster. When they move back out I'll need to replace my carpet chairs and table. I don't need him spilling something inside my computer too lol.
  5. I didn't think so but figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
  6. Will vintage story ever be on consoles or is it going to remain strictly a pc game?
  7. There was quite a few things working last I played. There was an issue with an update that broke a lot of things. I haven't been on pc in a while since my cousin needed a place to stay for a while I took out my computer setup and have not been in touch. As for what this does that was working last I checked is added a ton of new colors of clay, clay deposits and clay objects. Added a couple new crops and corresponding seeds a backpack with more carrying capacity A couple new trees saplings and wood items that are colorful. Colorful clay water, colorful sand, sandstone and more colorful clay blocks Things that were in but not working are a new mold for an earlier version of a tool that I felt you should have access to earlier in game not need to wait for iron to make so a copper variant as well as a new napping recipe with flint and obsidian for a stone variant for that tool. The knapping recipe and item was working but not the mold for it. I was working on it and I had some help with it but didn't get to finish it. I'll work on getting things fixed as soon as my cousin moves out and I get my computer set back up. Hopefully a lot of it still works if not I'll start it all over but I'll still have the textures and icons done so I'll see if it needs completely redone or not. Sorry I haven't been active here just remembered I could post from my phone otherwise I would have responded much sooner. I will make a short video, I believe I actually did make a short video but I'm pretty sure I did post several screenshots of the new clay and various related items but if I'm remembering incorrectly I will post some when I get my computer room back up and running.
  8. I did. that's why I'm confused why it's not working. I updated the zip to the file with game: on the overlays when I first posted it, it was without game: on overlays because when game: didn't work I removed it to see if that worked but still didn't work but the one with game: is now placed I removed the one without game: on overlays. thanks for helping out. I took a short break from Kenshi and came back to what you said in a more literal since putting game: before overlays so this, game:overlays: ["block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/side_{grasscoverage}"] instead of this, overlays: ["game:block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/side_{grasscoverage}"] and the one that literally puts game: before overlays: broke the whole so that the textures weren't even showing up when placed down so I reverted it back to, overlays: ["game:block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/side_{grasscoverage}"] it shows correctly on the ground when placed but still not in hand, inventory or creative menu.
  9. I'm rewriting my entire mod trying to get things working properly messing with stuff in mod folder only, even started a new test mod for testing how to get things working focusing on just 1 type of clay instead of rewriting all 15 types and all the claymolds clayforming and everything all at once I'm attacking it 1 small step at a time. and when working on the mod in the mod folder instead of within the games files directly I ran into an issue I never had before where a block will show proper texture when placed in the world but not when in you inventory or in the creative menu. some feed back on this would be appreciated. thank you. I tried both.. creativeinventory: { "general": ["*"], "terrain": ["*"] }, replaceable: 700, resistance: 3.5, textures: { all: {base: "block/soil/basaltclay"}, snowed: {base: "game:block/plant/grasscoverage/snow/normal"}, specialSecondTexture: {base: "game:block/plant/grasscoverage/{grasscoverage}"} }, texturesInventory: { down: {base: "block/soil/basaltclay"}, horizontals: { base: "block/soil/basaltclay", overlays: ["block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/side_{grasscoverage}"] }, up: { base: "block/soil/basaltclay", overlays: ["block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/top_{grasscoverage}"] } }, and creativeinventory: { "general": ["*"], "terrain": ["*"] }, replaceable: 700, resistance: 3.5, textures: { all: {base: "block/soil/basaltclay"}, snowed: {base: "game:block/plant/grasscoverage/snow/normal"}, specialSecondTexture: {base: "game:block/plant/grasscoverage/{grasscoverage}"} }, texturesInventory: { down: {base: "block/soil/basaltclay"}, horizontals: { base: "block/soil/basaltclay", overlays: ["game:block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/side_{grasscoverage}"] }, up: { base: "block/soil/basaltclay", overlays: ["game:block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/top_{grasscoverage}"] } }, I tried this one with game: for the overlays and specialSecondTextures: but neither of them worked but the block shows the textured just find in game. sorry the screen shot was taken as it was starting to turn night but the texture is correct on the blocks placed down but for some reason not for the inventory or creative menu or the handbook guid it just shows the white square with a red ?. claytest.zip up to this point everything else seems to be working. I have not added the clay forming and recipes for the different molds and stuff with the new clay type yet but that's because I'm taking it one step at a time. after I solve this issue I'll add the other 14 clay types and if everything at that point is working then I'll start adding clay forming and recipes. but I'm trying to take it 1 step at a time and just get it working.
  10. I've made a mod and it's pretty much done I have a few things to work out but the issue is it's not sharable. the way I made it is I made everything in the actual games roaming>vintagestory>assets>survival path and just added and modified what I wanted in their respective folders. but when I used the mod creator to make it into a mod.zip it doesn't seem to work for people. I know it's bad practice madding in this way to begin with but I started all over from scratch using the tutorial on the wiki basics adding a block, mygoldblock and I went through that and did the tutorial and it doesn't work. here is the zip from it. mygoldblock.zip this is the first tutorial for a basic block and it doesn't work. also here is my mod that I made that also doesn't work for others but works fine for me until I zip it all up and try sharing it. ClayMisc.zip I wanted to follow a basic tutorial to get the tutorial mod working so I could rewrite my mod to get it working but the tutorial mod doesn't work so now I don't know what to do. if there is any good step by step from beginning to end tutorials that would work I'd like to see it thank you. I seen the one on the same tutorial for the goldblock/shinyblock but it's in Russian and I only know English. this is the tutorial I followed https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Modding:Basic_Block I did up to the testing distributing part and that is when I found the mod doesn't work. I didn't go any further to the advanced properties part yet since the first part doesn't work. did I overlook or skip something and that's why it doesn't work? ========================================================================================================================== I went ahead and finished the whole thing. but still not working. I feel I either missed something or it doesn't work with the current version (1.14.2) of the game. here is my attempt at the myshinyblock tutorial myshinyblock.zip ok, I think I figured out my issue. I'm not sure if I'm just having a crazy day or what but it seems if you don't add "modid": to your mod info you need to add mod to the end of your zip folder but if you include a "modid": in your mod info then you just need to make sure the zip name matches your mod id name. I didn't know this and I just named the zip my mod id name without specifying the mod id in the mod info and I didn't add mod at the end of the name of the zip folder so it didn't work. as soon as I added mod to the end of the zip folder name it worked then I added modid to the mod info area and took off the mod part and now it works.
  11. I would prefer to add soemthing to the texture that changes color based on the clay used but I'm hoping I don't need to make 15 new recipes for each color in order for it to work. there should be a way to recall the color of clay used for the clayforming since that works and implement that color to the raw mold and in extension to the ceramic colors. I have raw ceramic and ceramic wide varients of each color. just need to get the game to show proper colors.
  12. I have a mod called Clay+Misc that adds 15 new colors of clay I would like to know how you added the colors to the molds so I may implement it in my mod. I've been working on it for a while and I can't seem to get the raw and burned ceramics to take on proper color. I thought I would simply add clay*-type instead of blueclay for the raw claymolds and other ceramics but it doesn't seem to work. the clay forming works with all 15 new colors as well as showing the clayforming of the proper color but once it's complete it shows as a blue clay texture. I know where the texture is for them but don't know exactly how to write the line to represent the color used for the the clayforming to be represented in the raw clay.
  13. thanks. I've been trying to add this as well as other things to meals. but couldn't figure the meals/bowl texture thing and meal recipes out. I tried but I don't think it worked. if you would be willing to check out my Clay+Misc mod and give feedback on how to implement my purrberry and blueraspberry as ingredients for meals with related textures that would be great. they can currently be used as fruit in normal meals but they don't have a texture and I want the purrberry to add an improved healing effect to the meal or at the very least healing =to the healing of the berries themselves much like the red mushroom does damage even when in meals I want them to heal when in meals. I'd appreciate the feedback if you would.
  14. so would this work with my Clay+Misc mod or do I need to finish cleaning it up and replacing everything in a more traditional mod form to work? right now it's only released as it is made using the mod maker provided by VS and as result it doesn't transfer textures so I opened the mod zip it created and added the texture folder manually, other than that it is however the mod maker makes it. I haven't gotten any feed back so I don't know if my mod even works for other people as of right now. it works for me but that's because I have the original JSON that I added in the vanilla Roaming > Vintagestory > assets > survival folder and everything is working on my end except the poring of the saw mold and I'm working on that. I'll be re-writing the whole thing in a proper mod folder using the game: reference line and everything but right now it's being hard to make work that way. it works best right in the folders themselves but I'm still learning and working on it. I wish it was as easy as modding 7 days to die and simply have a UIAtlases for my textures and a mod folder with <mymodname> <append xpath="/items"> put all the new items I want to add between here then close it with </append> </mymodname> this would be so much easier but this whole JSON thing is new to me and I'm still trying to figure it out.
  15. If someone else wants to tackle it . here is what I was thinking. harvest with a knife like you would a dead animal if the mushroom has already been harvested then you would only get mushroom stims that would be able to be placed where you want them. if it has not been harvested it would drop both a mushroom for harvesting it as well as a second item the mushroom stim. each mushroom would only drop 1 mushroom stim and only if you harvest the stims with a knife or shovel or some tool of your choice. this would make it so you can't just plant the mushroom caps and wouldn't make more mushrooms as people might thing that's too much rather it would simply allow you to move the mushrooms location and if someone does add a mushroom spread feature then you could then make a farm to produce more mushrooms if you want. alternatively you could simply remove the creative tag for shift planting the mushrooms and you could harvest and replant mushrooms that way. this is the way I would do it because it would be the easiest as it's already in the game you just need to pop into creative to do it at the moment. simply remove the creative to plant only tag and that would be what I would do if I knew how.
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