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  1. I did. that's why I'm confused why it's not working. I updated the zip to the file with game: on the overlays when I first posted it, it was without game: on overlays because when game: didn't work I removed it to see if that worked but still didn't work but the one with game: is now placed I removed the one without game: on overlays. thanks for helping out. I took a short break from Kenshi and came back to what you said in a more literal since putting game: before overlays so this, game:overlays: ["block/plant/grasscoverage/inventory/side_{grasscoverage}"] instead of this,
  2. I'm rewriting my entire mod trying to get things working properly messing with stuff in mod folder only, even started a new test mod for testing how to get things working focusing on just 1 type of clay instead of rewriting all 15 types and all the claymolds clayforming and everything all at once I'm attacking it 1 small step at a time. and when working on the mod in the mod folder instead of within the games files directly I ran into an issue I never had before where a block will show proper texture when placed in the world but not when in you inventory or in the creative menu. some feed
  3. I've made a mod and it's pretty much done I have a few things to work out but the issue is it's not sharable. the way I made it is I made everything in the actual games roaming>vintagestory>assets>survival path and just added and modified what I wanted in their respective folders. but when I used the mod creator to make it into a mod.zip it doesn't seem to work for people. I know it's bad practice madding in this way to begin with but I started all over from scratch using the tutorial on the wiki basics adding a block, mygoldblock and I went through that and did the tutorial and
  4. I would prefer to add soemthing to the texture that changes color based on the clay used but I'm hoping I don't need to make 15 new recipes for each color in order for it to work. there should be a way to recall the color of clay used for the clayforming since that works and implement that color to the raw mold and in extension to the ceramic colors. I have raw ceramic and ceramic wide varients of each color. just need to get the game to show proper colors.
  5. I have a mod called Clay+Misc that adds 15 new colors of clay I would like to know how you added the colors to the molds so I may implement it in my mod. I've been working on it for a while and I can't seem to get the raw and burned ceramics to take on proper color. I thought I would simply add clay*-type instead of blueclay for the raw claymolds and other ceramics but it doesn't seem to work. the clay forming works with all 15 new colors as well as showing the clayforming of the proper color but once it's complete it shows as a blue clay texture. I know where the texture is for them but don't
  6. thanks. I've been trying to add this as well as other things to meals. but couldn't figure the meals/bowl texture thing and meal recipes out. I tried but I don't think it worked. if you would be willing to check out my Clay+Misc mod and give feedback on how to implement my purrberry and blueraspberry as ingredients for meals with related textures that would be great. they can currently be used as fruit in normal meals but they don't have a texture and I want the purrberry to add an improved healing effect to the meal or at the very least healing =to the healing of the berries themselves m
  7. so would this work with my Clay+Misc mod or do I need to finish cleaning it up and replacing everything in a more traditional mod form to work? right now it's only released as it is made using the mod maker provided by VS and as result it doesn't transfer textures so I opened the mod zip it created and added the texture folder manually, other than that it is however the mod maker makes it. I haven't gotten any feed back so I don't know if my mod even works for other people as of right now. it works for me but that's because I have the original JSON that I added in the vanilla Roaming
  8. If someone else wants to tackle it . here is what I was thinking. harvest with a knife like you would a dead animal if the mushroom has already been harvested then you would only get mushroom stims that would be able to be placed where you want them. if it has not been harvested it would drop both a mushroom for harvesting it as well as a second item the mushroom stim. each mushroom would only drop 1 mushroom stim and only if you harvest the stims with a knife or shovel or some tool of your choice. this would make it so you can't just plant the mushroom caps and wouldn't make
  9. Not to mention the mechanical enemies and translocators, heck we don't even have transportation tech now so the game clearly takes place later in history than we are today, so it would be more appropriate to say in the future rather than in history because clearly there are tech far beyond anything we have commonly done even today. as for mass mushroom farming I'm more looking at mushroom relocation rather than growing new mushrooms, more simply move mushrooms from where they are to where I want them even if they don't spread in any way. I kinda like the ida of mushrooms spre
  10. okay. my mod mostly focuses on clay but I have custom wood types but if the code specifically list certain types of wood like pine, oak, maple, birch ex, instead of referencing wood* in general then then my wood type would not have variants in your mod but if you reference wood in general then my types of wood would have a variant.
  11. does this reference wood or allowed variant's? wondering because if it references wood isntead of allowed variants it will be compatible with my my and it would have more colors of wood but if it references allowed variants then it will not work with my mod without making changes to the allowed variants. also it has a + at the end of the version so does that mean it works with 1.14.2 game version?
  12. I'll leave that up to jakecool19 since they are already working on a mod related to this. up to them what they decide to do with it but I'm not good enough for adding new mechanics to the game. I haven't touched the coding only messed with some of the JSON. files with my Clay+Misc. mod and I'm still learning. I need to rewrite my entire mod for right now I do everything in the roaming>vintagestory>assets>survival folder and then use the mod maker to create the zip for the mod then I unzip the mod add a textures folder with the textures to it then re zip it and put it up on the mod rel
  13. I'll have to keep an eye on this. I hope someone gets back to you with something. I too would like to do something similar. I made the stove craftable in game and though I would rather have a custom UI; being able to add the firepit window to the stove to give it some function for now would be better than nothing and make the stove usable rather than just decoration.
  14. any thoughts on giving the miner a special helmet recipe that allows them to craft a mining helmet that doubles as a lantern rather than actually needing to hold onto a lantern?
  15. how does mod compatibility work? I seen someone ask about compatibility with more variants. once I get my own mod cleaned up and better layed out with proper references as aposed to doing everything in the base games own assets>survival folders and everything I was wondering how would I make my mod compatible because I add 15 new stairs and slabs from clay bricks and plan to add even more variety later by similar method to making stone bricks but with clay instead allowing for yet even more building material options and it would be cool If I could understand how compatibility works and set
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