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  1. You can argue that you start starving before your hunger bar drops to zero, but sure, i like I33tmaans idea. It would make it more realistic, and i think also improve gameplay. First days can be pretty hard now, but then it gets pretty easy. With this setup, you can have a hard time in the start and still survive, but then have a longer period of having to get your max hp back to normal. Like the idea of not being able to use bandages to heal when your starving.
  2. Traditional glass jars have glass lids with rubber sealing (modern have tin lids with plastic sealing). I'm not sure if that was used in the beginning, but a little it feels like the vax or fat sealings thats already in the game. IRL you would't be able to create a air tight sealing of an unglazed jar of ceramics, but it might do some good and i'm not sure how much they can add to the game. Glazed pottery is something i would like to see, perhaps you then could make some of the patterns of ceramic only traders sell. Adding vulcanization of latex from rubber trees and sulphur could be interesting, or just regular latex for some uses.
  3. It might be a separate topic, even if related, and it been suggested before, but i do think more unbroken items should be recyclable. You can recycle armour and anvil, but it seems you cant recycle spear heads, swords and pickaxes among other things, even unused. Think this should be an option.
  4. Yes. I'm not sure how to make it work though. IRL, with glass making you usually make a large bubble you then modify, hard to make in to a minigame. But i guess you don't need to focus on how it works irl. But i was thinking about the real medieval way of making glass widows - making a large circular disc - and then cutting pieces out of it. The central uneven piece where the glass was attached was the "cheap" piece (in swedish its translated "oxen eye"), that where used in simple widows, and where not that clear. The outside pieces where often semicircular which meant that shape of widows often where used. It could be part of the game to cut out your glass pieces and then customize your window with the pieces you want. It would do for some interesting customization of your own windows. Might be a bit complicated but if someone finds time to introduce it i think it could be a nice thing. Another thing i was thinking about was shutters. For a while they had winds in the game, and they talked about bringing it back. What if strong winds could destroy your windows and shutters could save them? I know a lot of players make sort of "fake" shutters on their builds, but it could be nice if the game had real shutters and they really fill a function.
  5. Perhaps. Feel this method is pretty advanced. You wouldn't need tin plated cans though, you can use the same method in glass jars. The first use of canned food was by Napoleons army and that was with glass jars, tin plated cans where introduced in England shortly after. But, does the game need them? Are there not lots of other stuff that are more relevant to the technology what's in the game? If we ad tin plate, it would feel pretty useless if you only can use it for tin cans. And besides, tin cans are related to the development of metal rolling machinery for cheap production of metal plates. Not that i would mind having it the game, but i can think of a thousand other things i would want more.
  6. Tools definetly wear - i guess i could show you iron knife blades that got a third of their thickness and a fifth of their original length, and axes that have about 1/3 of their original blade left. Then sure, they last longer than they do in this game. On the other hand, mining a hole or building ha tower only take a fraction of real life time, so if we compare the work the tools does, i don't find it to unrealistic. IRL their braking point surely would be more random, and it would be harder to know how long before a tool is going to brake. But i'm not sure that is something players really would want. For me, this adds another factor to take in account when using tools that adds to the complexity of the game. Sure, the idea of being able to mend tools would be something i would like to see in the game. I still think it should require metal. Then, i don't think i would like to see durability in all instances of the game. If realistic, things like the windmill or the helve hammer would surtainly be constructions that would wear a lot. Replacing some sails or an axle, sure, but if the helve hammer itself broke or the crusher caps and they had to be redone regularly, i think that would be a bit to much for me...
  7. Just spotted the post that was made on discord two days before this, that looks even nicer Seems like they have plans for some pylopore mushrooms as well - like that. They are really not eatable but perhaps you could add other uses for mushrooms. The only use i quickly can think of is tinder fungus that's used for fire starters and preserving smouldering.
  8. I have suggested that rocks should be able to travel by rivers or existing/historical glaciers, so panning and searching would give you an idea of that stones can be found in neighbouring regions or layers.
  9. with a lot to work on, this might be something a bit down the line, but with the elaborate metallurgy of the game, i think glass making should be a little bit more evolved. In the game you use quartz bits in a melting oven. That requires really high temperature and gives modern quartz glass, and not the way to historically make glass. Historically you usually used quartz sand - and later crushed quartz. You mix that with sodium carbonate (soda ash) for - sodium-lime glass or with potash for bohemian glass to lower the melting point. You also need some sort of lime as stabilizer. Most of these components are already in the game. You don't get glass as blocks to cut eighter, but blowing glass might be harder to replicate in an easy way in the game. But i still think changing the components of glass making would do a lot to the immersion for me.
  10. Not sure if i want that. I do think farms should be a mayor food souce once you are able and wants to start farms. Sure, they are pretty plentifull at the moment but i might become to hard in the beginning of the game of they become to rare.
  11. Gambeson might not be the best - but it's definitly the cheapest. Cheaper than most amour with less protection. I should be harder to make linen fabric. Still think making fabric more complicated to craft would be nice. If you make your farm larger you can still produce lots of flax.
  12. I think gambeson is OP. On the other hand, i do hope they implement spindle and spinning wheel to craft flax twine and loom to craft fabric, think thats going to make gambeson less OP.
  13. If you reheat copper to pour into moulds you don't get a progression bar when the copper i smelting, and the crucible don't move from left to wrigt. The melting temperature displayed use to be wrong aswell. But the copper still smelts and the temperature should still be the same. Just to make sure that's not what your talking about.
  14. I tried, you dont need two of it. But you need to have one extra stone of some sort selected in your hotbar. I guess it's meant to represent a knapping stone. IRL, they can use a horn hammer, or for fine adjustments a piece of wood instead, but i guess you don't need to overcomplicate it, i think it works fine.
  15. Interesting, i was my self thinking abut paper crafting. In hardcore mode you don't have a free map. What if you had to be able to craft maps first? Books could be made as well. You could have simple papyrus sheets, but papyrus would only grow in certain regions. parchment would be another option with leather making. Later you could make rice paper (guess you would have to have mulberry plants or similar) or make linen paper.
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