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  1. I wanted to give it a try when i noticed it in the game even if i found it a little annoying. It haven't grown on me. Sure, even a gale can be pretty hard to walk straight in but the thing is the wind effects you even down in holes or in a trench. I guess winds are hard to program any other way. The only way i can think about, without making it too complicated is to make strong winds appear as a squall in windy regions and than move in the wind direction, like an invisible cloud - but moving much faster. If they hit something - a tree, a wall or the ground they die. (sure irl they can change direction and move around objects but it weakens it's strenght and this is going to be way to complex to calculate and take a lot of power from the performance) They could die by themself after let's say 5000 blocks, don't know what would work. That would open up for a future mechanic where the winds can effect the blocks they hit. tearing down trees - lifting roof tiles and so on. Don't know if this can be done though.
  2. I like the idea of oceans and continents, but i would prefer if the continents had different size, some much larger than others, and some areas only archipelagos and other again only ocean with the occasional small island.
  3. something seem to have been changed with the graphic settings in the new update, all water seem to turn purple. "Purple grass fix" still works on grass, but not on water.
  4. Was going to say i never seen lack of flint, but my new 1.15 i only found 2 the first day, which meant some problems, i couldn't make an axe, so i could't get any fire going the first day (bad managing, i could have spent more time getting peat and sticks and i would have been fine, i'm playing collapsing dirt so i had to find ruins to get stone for my first building and spent to much time with that. But once passed first day it worked out, even if it took some problems getting a pot with nearly no trees next to where i settled. Personally i only rarely waste my axe or knife on bushes - usually the bushes gives more than enough sticks anyway unless im using them for something special. I think we all play very differently. I often plant in low fertility soil first round. Might be stupid, but i figure a can always get better soil later and i might as well get something growing right away. I do a walled in garden (guess that is because i started playing when you needed the saw for a fence), and that means i usually start small and enlarge it over time, when i get better soil i use it for the expansion and the grown plants i need to replant. Getting the plantation going usually makes the rabbits appear even if they where not there before.
  5. I been playing with sapling growth speed set to extremely slow, and i think trees still grow very fast and don't think it hampers my game, usually you can find trees. What if growth speed where slown down (a lot), that way drops of more saplings wouldn't make trees become to common or easy to obtain?
  6. I forgot one other thing - wolves. Now, i know that the IA is hard to work out, and the game should't be easy, but i have how wolfes charges suicidally at you. It doesn't work with wolves behaviour at all, or any animal for that matter. I would prefer if there danger was more lurking. What if they would be more likely to attack you if you where wounded or unarmed? More likely to attack in packs? Right now the best way to kill them is to lure them into water. What it they didn't follow seraphs into water to attack them at all? They could still follow rabbits but know that seraphs put up a fight and that following them there would be a bad idea.
  7. Might as well drop a few of the suggestions i been thinking about while playing the game. They might not be super important, but some would be really easy to implement, while others would be more complicated. I will start: 1. It would be nice if brown coal and turf would be more realistic and would need to be dried out before use. If would not make to much grinding difference, since you would be able to stack them up and just wait. Probably you would need to keep them under roof if its raining or snowing outside. Not sure if similar should be added to regular wood. It would make the game harder. You can burn fresh wood if you got temperature high enough, but it will loose a lot of its effect. 2. rocks and panning. I know others have suggested more variety while panning, but i might as well bring it up. I think it would be nice if panning would reflect what minerals can be found in neighbouring rocks. That way panning would work a simple form of prospecting. I also think you should be able to find some stones from neighbouring regions and not only the one your in. That could work as an indicator of neighbouring regions. After all, you rarely only find one sort of stone in an area. I live on an island made entirely of limestone (well 80 %, most southern part is sandstone), but on all of the island you find glacial deposits of other kind of stone. It might be hard to duplicate a real life distribution of stones, but some intermix would be nice. 3. Partially as the same, it would be nice if you could find some surface stone that is not the same as the top layer from neighbouring regions. Also, i do think flint is way to common, there should be regions without flint. I can see it making sense in making early game easy, but after all, there are other stones that can be knapped. On that issue i feel that the stones to be able to be knapped should be changed. Granite, andersite and peridote are not good materials. Quarts is a much better napping material. And slate is quite useful for stone tools despite being pretty soft. It's not only the hardness of the stone that does it, its how the structure of the stone is oriented and how sharp you can make the tools. 4. I think the firestarter should not work lighting brown coal and black coal. You should need to start with sticks or wood and then put the coal inside once the temperature is high enough. Other than that its down to how fast you are able to ignite the material. Would be nice with some difference there. 5. When i started playing this game i didn't know that throwing you spear cause double damage. I'm really bad at aiming with the spear, so i never bothered to learn and figured, irl holding your spear would be the best defence strategy defending from a wolf. You would not throw your spear away. Later i learned about the half damage, but i still feel reluctant to use my spear that way. Been thinking about making a new spear - calling the old one javelin. It would be doing as much damage stabbing (perhaps a little more, not sure what balance is best), but can´t be thrown. On a neighbouring thought that perhaps should be a to hand weapon. It would be interesting if you would have to choose between light or spear. That might start become complicated, and i know a lot of people suggested shields which i would like so i guess that might be something for a future mayor weapons update. After all, i would also really like to see a crossbow in the game in the future.
  8. I think it would be nice. I know about adding and pinning waypoint, but when getting frustrated about dying i sometimes forget - making me even more frustrated...
  9. considering the time period - don't get that - late 19:th century? But sure, i don't mind a new wall type.
  10. Sorry, might have misunderstood your point, you might have guessed i'm not a native english speaker I feel that a lot of effort been put in to making tanning and metal smelting believable (even if not realistic), and it would feel sad if the feeling that gives the game was taken away. I might have small things i would like to change that would make the game even more believable but still not make the game more grindy or boring. But, know the developers ar quite busy and i think the game mainly needs more interesting content (and maybe some tweekning), so i think i'll wait with those suggestions.
  11. I beg to differ. I claim most games if not all to a larger or smaller degree is based on reality. I would say the most successful is the one that makes the mechanics and gameplay feel realistic. Sure, you don't want the game to be too realistic in most cases, making it take a week to shop down the trees for a house and two weeks to bring the logs home to your base is not going appeal to very many players. But i think that most players choose vintage story over minecraft because they feel that they can relate to a "sort of" realistic struggle to survive that don't exist in minecraft. Moving away from that is not going to cut it for me. If i magically change my hunger rate by holding a bar of copper, that is not going to cut it for me. If it was magic by adding scrolls, potions or anything lite that, fine i can see it adding content to keep the grind less imposing (translocaters are sort of that, unless you call them some sort of alien technology) and i don't have to use it if i don't like it, but this - no. About Seraphs, we don't why they know the technology of making steel. Does everyone have that knowledge? Does they learn some bits from traders or other players? Isn't that there for gameplay, to make all crafting options open to every player. Sure, there is a collapsed civilization, that "your" seraph might have been part of, but what of it's knowledge been transferred to your seraph? With current lore i feel it's up to every player for themself too decide who much knowledge he/she has.
  12. Not fond of this. Today you happen to spawn without tin nearby you can prefer to stay in copper age, but if the benefits of reaching bronze age are to great you are forced to keep on advancing. Today the game is pretty open, you can choose your own focus, i prefer it that way.
  13. Sounds good. Sometimes specially early game it feels a little cheesy that its better to starve to death and save your food for when you respawn than trying to survive. That way i also get full health and half saturation.
  14. I don't want to change or decrease the grind. I hoping more variety in the game will make it feel less grindy. If you can't find limestone, perhaps crafting other stuff, exploring new biomes and so on will fill your game until you stumble upon those limestone deposits. And i can wait until then, think the game is good enough anyway. But sure, if its optional i don't mind how other players want to play the game.
  15. I fully understand that there is a lot of work - i just wanted to share my views on what i miss most in the game. It's because i really like it i care. I don't have the skills to help out with coding myself.
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