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  1. Nope still the same, server reboots doing the messages all fine but just does not do the backup Just to check, what should the file end up looking like? If I manually dump this into powershell it does start generating a file before erroring with stream is too long (the save file is 2.88GB), even just right clicking the folder and doing send to compressed file takes a while though it does shrink it down considerably Powershell Compress-Archive -LiteralPath "E:\VintageStoryData\Saves" -DestinationPath "E:\VSBackups\backuptest.zip" could it be worth having a version that just copies the "Saves" folder and renames it? ie renames it to "Saves - 22.02.2024 11.55", would be faster but use more space? Edit, changed the the backuphandler part to this and it copies the folder renaming it without issue, so think its just an issue with the compressing side, though mine is hardcoded its just for testing powershell copy-item "E:\VintageStoryData\Saves" -destination "E:\VSBackups\Saves-$(Get-Date -format "yyyy_MM_dd_hh_mm_ss")" -recurse I am on the Discord as "Mishka" if that might help working this out rather than back n forth on here?
  2. Getting some oddness with the script, it does the messages, shuts down and restarts server but seemingly does not do the backup itself. set savePath="E:\VintageStoryData\Saves" set backupPath="E:\VSBackups\" set exePath="E:\Vintagestory\VintagestoryServer.exe" set EXE=VintagestoryServer.exe The VSBackups folder exists, did it with a trailing slash as thought that might have been the issue but it was not, Screenshot of the saves location, same case sensitivity etc just incase that was somehow causing an issue
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