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  1. no one ever said it would be common and how would it ruin traveling? and it would be a setting not required did i not say that? made tribes and leaders vague so it could be worked on over 60 hours on the game i know how it works
  2. this idea is for the future, maybe infected human "mobs" can have this disease and then players can get it. When you get infected you get a choice, suicide: no infection and a respawn or continue sickness the stage's stage 1: player can only make axes, spears and fires stage 2: infected can only make fires to cook food, no longer like plant foods, monsters dont hunt them stage 3: infected are faster, dont like light and there eyes glow, they cant use weapons, they can co exist with monsters in caves, they can see in the dark, cant cook sense they can eat raw meat, they can infect other player
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