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  1. Thanks again for the help. Haven't found any mushrooms yet. At least now I know where to look. I want to try farming but can't make a hoe till I can smelt copper. Thanks much
  2. I've been doing quite a bit of exploring but have not found any coal or horsetails. If I understand I need coal for forge and horsetails for a poultice. Also bees have eluded me, much like love. Thanks
  3. Thanks so much for watching. I am enjoying the game, I need the wiki open all the time to help me along.
  4. While out exploring I've come across several cobblestone structures including a rather large one. I see any type of entrance are these a dungeon? Thanks
  5. This is very welcome thank you
  6. I'll go back and speak with the trader.
  7. I know that sounds a little cannibalistic but can I harvest a Drifter? Thanks
  8. Ah ok I was just worried I broke something, thanks
  9. On day two I discovered an NPC in a building can't remember his/her name. Anyway I can't seem to be able to interact with the NPC. Thanks
  10. I was looking at my world in edit and noticed "cheats" are turned on. How did I do that? I really don't remember clicking anything at the start of world choice. I choose the non-experimental world tab. Thanks
  11. Thanks I'll try that, wolves got nothing on ladders
  12. OMG I keep falling down ladders they kill me more than the wildlife. How do I safely climb down? You don't know how dumb I feel asking this question. Thanks
  13. Good morning all I am pretty sure I missed the answer for this but gonna ask. So can I host a game on my PC no server for just my friend and me? Thanks
  14. I know the development is ongoing which is great. Curious to know if the version updates wreck the current world?
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