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  1. only thing that should cause crashes are the framedglassdoors. rest should work in lower versions.
  2. latest pre-release versions are available at https://www.info.vintagestory.at/
  3. lits written in the title and i wrote pretty much at top you need atleast 1.10 pre4 for doors to work.
  4. You craft dye with lupine flowers and the mortar, maybe I could add some more since there should be some other colored flowers out in the world
  5. Began as practice project for me to get used to the json format modding. You need atleast v1.10 pre 4 since the Doors were patched there. Its more of a of a esthetic mod, some stuff is not craftable e.g Vintage and Framed glass stuff, you have to get it from creative mode. Contents: About 240 Window Variants(Would have been 480 with all ores ingame), 4 Generic Doors, 60 Glassdoor Variants, 6 Dye's to color glass, 1 mold for metal windows and 1 for metal bars, mortar to enable dye crafting and metalbars to imprision bad ppl ^.^ For Crafting Recipe's look in the Handbook. In order to craft windows from metal you have to create the mold to craft 4 frames at once. 4 frames and a glass result in 4 windows. Ever wanted to craft yourself a golden cage? Now you can do so. Known Issues: Single placed windows and bars are always rotated East-West if there is no block to connect. No recipe for Door with metal bars. V1.1.0: Added mold to be able to craft metal bars. V1.1.2: fixed up some namings and sound issues. If you find any bugs you can keep them ! jk feel free to report i will do my best to correct it. Doors_and_Windows_v1.1.2.zip
  6. It was made in 1.9.14. I dont know anything other then maybe dirt to compress if you have ideas, tell me. I will check for a compatibility to neolihic. Edit: seems like there was a packing bug, redownload it should work now.
  7. Small recipe mod for storage convenience to not use up chestslots. Lets you craft 9 Stones you mine into a compressed variant. If you need them for anything you can recraft them easily. Maximum stacksize for now is 256 If thats not enough for you, you are definitly mining to much! If anyone can come up with a better model iam all ears for it.^ compressedstone_v1.0.0.zip
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