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  1. Chiseling in Vintage Story is one of the main in-built game features, but working with blocks and microblocking smth. is sometime really uncomfortable. Here's some Ideas, that must remove problems and add some REALLLY NOVATIVE experience never seen before: 1. First of all, make it possible to make any block back to normal. Lots and lots of blocks have been utilized because of missclicking. And the main problem is that chiseled blocks don't stack with normal EVEN if they are not changed at all. Adding this function will inspire respect for you from any microblocker 2. Make it possible to
  2. Winter has come, and when I started removing snow I had found out that any structure but simple block can't be cleaned out of snow.
  3. Add a special branch on the main forum page, where you and mod-makers can ask for help with translation, like "Hi guys, here's my mod, need help with transation, here's all text in mod www.site.com/text.txt".
  4. Ответочка Пройдусь по пунктам: 1) Поддерживаю, хорошая идея 2) Работа с водой чревата последействиями. В TFC (моде на майн с похожей тематикой) деревянное ведро не позволяло создавать блок воды, т.е. разливать ее, для этого надо было ковать стальное на очень поздних этапах игры. Я предполагаю, что это верное решение для разработчиков. Но в этом случае необходимо перерабатывать воду в сторону майнкрафтовской системы 3) Интересная идея 4) Абсолютно невозможно, так как действие происходит в средневековье. Тут ты медь по формам разливаешь, а тут на машине по полям рассекаешь, так н
  5. Fully agree, friend. I also want to see colorful clothes making with dyed linseed fibers. Buying clothes only from traders is extremely lame (sry anego systems love you <3)
  6. The only way to get sticks is exploring and breaking leaves. But sticks is extremely needed. Good half of all wooden craft requires sticks and you always must stop crafting and change plans to go and find some sticks. Adding crafting recipes must remove this problem. And there are two ways to realise it. You can make it from planks with a saw, but, like in the real world, that would be just stick, very weak, not suitable for instruments, but intuitive. And the second one is making stick from logs with a saw and chisel. I guess, second variant is way better and way more realistic. Anego Sy
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