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  1. Well, I see the method for which ore was meant to be handled. Adjusting the yields of the various Qualities of Ore will give more Nuggets (worth 5 units each) per smashed chunk. I'll live with this.
  2. I suppose that would be sufficient, if I could find that value too.
  3. Simply to make early ore grind a little quicker. If you can math right, it doesn't matter, but of course you just use divisions of 100 and live with that.
  4. From all that I've searched through, I can't find a universal or a specified Ore type value that adjusts the 5 Unit yield from Nuggets. I'm now thinking it's some kind of hidden default setting, which is strange with all the other values that can be changed.
  5. I have noticed in Assets/Survival/Itemtypes/Resource/ there is Ore-Graded.json Only Cassiterite, Hematite, NativeSilver, NativeGold and "Ore" are listed with various qualities. There's also Nugget.json, but there's no listing for adjusting Unit amounts per nugget.
  6. Is there a numeric value in the json files to increase the quantity of metal you get from a nuggets picked up from the ground, from 5?
  7. I'm surprised there is no mod for it (that I've seen), but surely a few number changes would be all it'd need to relieve the frustration.
  8. ...lasts such a short time and the heat is lost from a firepit rather quickly. Perhaps slow the rate that heat is gained from burning a log, but have them last much, much longer. I've blasted through stacks of wood just trying to cook some red meat.
  9. ...it makes knapping tools and clay crafting incredibly tedious. Same for bending over when starting to knap a tool.
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