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  1. Thank you for testing it out, too bad though, would've liked to run the server "personally" at home, instead of using a host service and the raspberry pi seemed like a good idea for that at first glance. Is there any other "thing" someone would or could recommend to run the server "from home"?
  2. Hi there, I'm not sure this has been asked before, but would it actually be possible to run a small server on a Raspberry Pi? and if so, how would you best go about setting that up? By small, i mean about 5-10 players tops btw. Thanks in advance ^^
  3. I do really love this suggestion. I thought a lot about the cooking mechanic, because in general I love the Idea of really thinking about what to cook and "providing" for my friends in game. I, personally, am not sure about the Sandwiches, and the cutting board, because in a way it does seem a bit more "modern" to me, but I agree that the bread is not really that "worth it" at the moment. Maybe there could be other uses for the bread or, depending on what you do it could not go bad but go hard and you could use that as an ingredient or as feed for animals, like you would often on a farm? Maybe just don't make sandwiches, but just a whole filled bread by combining it with the ingredients, but noextra crafting station? I do love the Idea about the rendering and what actually determines the type of food. I would love to see little things though, maybe some green, if you added herbs, or an egg rendered if you added that, or sthg like that, just because I think it would look really awesome if the foods displayed more differently than just depending on the first two slots entirely. All in all I really love this post and the idea ^^
  4. Burgersim


    Yes, this would also be sthg I'd really love, like building a kind of society on a Server for example, where everyone has their roles, hunters, priests, cooks, carpenters, farmers, animal-keepers, and so forth. What one has to keep in mind is always the direction of the game, I guess, it shouldn't rely too much on having more people, if there are people who like to play this alone they should still be able to do that. Maybe, if a system like this was to be more heavily implemented, you could use the server settings to set experience gain or how much certain things need to be actively used, so that if you set this low for a singleplayer world you wouldn't have to run from thing to thing to keep everything in order, but on a multiplayer world you could set it so that people have to work together (I think the game "Eco" does sthg similar to what I mentioned for server settings). This sounds very interesting and more fun than "just sitting around" or offering food, but to me that would sound a bit more like a modded feature of VS than sthg that fits the base game, tbh. I mean, knapping, cooking, smithing, those are all relatively slow things, where you concentrate on the task at hand, not really sthg where you are suddenly, like, "thrown" into a minigame of sorts. Also, idk if that is really planned but are other dimensions sthg the developers want for their game? Because I'm actually pretty satisfied with having one dimension, one world, it fits the more "realistic" approach and feel I get from VS, in my opinion. Not to say that the idea does sound bad, just that it does sound a bit "off" from the base game to me personally.
  5. Burgersim


    Wow yes this sounds really awesome tbh, blessing certain items for certain buffs and maybe introducing blessing pendants and talismans, that sounds like it would fit really nicely into the setting of this game ^^ and the idea of tiers like, totem --> (statue) --> temple --> (sthg else?) for certain area effects is also really good, I think, I would only maybe add, that people would have to actually praise these deities, like making offerings or praying before them (sitting a certain amount of time?). So it wouldn't be only a passive thing, you'd actually need to kinda work to have and receive these blessings ^^
  6. Burgersim


    I get that people aren't fond of magic, especially in a game that is kind of realistic and slow and doesn't wanna overpower the player. That's why I think something like Totems and Talismans and maybe like Powders (e.g. Smoke "Bombs", "Spark") you can use "as Spells" would be more suited for this kind of game. Also, I think somehow magic does fit into this game, because especially in the early stages of human development people believed in magic, because they couldn't explain everything and I think it would fit in a tribal, (pre)historic setting like this one. I admit that stuff like the runes and spell scrolls are more "out there", but I think some "low key" stuff could work really well with the setting ^^
  7. Burgersim


    Hi there, just wanted to suggest this, because I talked about it with a friend. I am also aware that this (if something like this ever comes to pass) will not be one of the most important things, but I wanted to propose it nonetheless, maybe to get some Ideas and start spitballing it a bit too ^^ So my Idea would be to introduce a Magic System into the game, but not something very overpowered. I think it should be a more "ritualistic" and nature-bound approach. There could be powders you can make and infuse with certain magic (or elements) and maybe you'd need to make runes on the floor or on objects that would grant certain effects. If you go further this could even be a system where you could really "craft" certain spells with certain effects a bit like the cooking. Certain ingredients give certain effects, and applied in certain patterns they work in different ways, so you could even have people try stuff out and teach others how to use spells and runes. Spells themselves could be really little things, maybe even working in combination with runes and ingredients to really make spells that even do anything. And depending on the system there could either be something like mana that gets used when using a spell, or spells could just use stamina like fighting does. There was an interesting way spells worked in Outward, i think, where you had a spell like "Spark" that didn't really do damage or anything, but if you used inside a certain rune that you'd have to lay on the floor then it would become sthg like a fireball, I think that could be an interesting way to implement magic, but not in an overpowered way. Totems also could be interesting. You'd need certain woods, then you'd need to carve out the right form for a totem, and lastly you'd need to perform a ritual to infuse the totem with some form of magic. In this way you could not only make tokens but also talismans, and maybe there too the ingredients and "work" you put into a talisman or totem could heighten its quality and potency, so a "tribe" could actually have someone like a shaman who would make totems, talismans and protect the camp with runes and magic ^^ Of course brewing and potions are also an interesting way for "magic" to be implemented, but it does seem more like alchemy to me and some form of "spells" or other magic would still be an interesting idea, I think ^^ What do you girls and guys think about this? Any ideas? Did I even explain it well enough? If it would help I could try and cook up some graphics to explain it further or just try to explain it better in general ^^ I'm not sure, but I hope it was ok ^^*
  8. Hi Thx for the info, I do know about the update, and I do think it's a nice step, but it does still require you to type the command for the emote into the chat, and the point of my idea was to maybe not need that, because (for me) typing stuff into the chat kinda always takes away a bit of the immersion. But still, nice feature so far ^^ Also Yay too maybe some more hairstyles :3
  9. Hi, I'm not sure this has been suggested already, but I couldn't find it so here I go ^^* I know this is kind of a "minecrafty" thing, but I would find it nice to have possibilities to further customize your avatar other than with clothing (or armor). Maybe something like the Skins in Minecraft or just something like a more in-depth character creator. Some more facial expressions, different body types, different hair and hair colors, that could change a lot already in my opinion. On a side not to that, since I do love multiplayer games and I especially like this game, I think emotes could also be really interesting to implement. Some simple gestures a character can do or perform, maybe though hotkeys or even like an emote-wheel that's accessible through one hotkey. Emotes like pointing, waving, nodding, dancing, and stuff like that could enhance the immersive aspects of the game, because you could communicate (if you wanted to) even without a chat or using discord or sthg like that. A side side note would also be (because of the dancing) that musical instruments would be a fun thing to implement. Being able to make music together in a way could be an interesting partime and great fun with friends ^^ Hope this was ok so far ^^
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