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  1. From the number of Survival games i've played this usually means you can't build this shiny thing until your skill is x number. In my opinion this tends to make games grindy by hiding content behind arbitrary and artificial inhibiters. Man I hope this isn't the case with VS.
  2. From the Roadmap.... Player Progression System (Leveling, Gear Attributes, Skills)
  3. I just read the road map and i was dismayed and disheartened when i read that player progression is planned. In my humble opinion, i think this would be bad. One of the things that drew me to this game was the absence of a system of that locks off the players ability to come in day one and basically do and build what ever they like as long as they can find the materials. I have always thought "skill progression" is the bane of survival game enthusiasts. It's something that is put up with because it seems that every survival game does it to some extent. I understand the logic behind it in being "not everyone knows how to build a fire or shelter" . Well some of us do. Please do not lock the ability to play the game behind artificial barriers called "skills".
  4. Also tried to direct connect via "Add new server", putting in the IP supplied by Nitrado and the game says ".....the target machine actively refused it".
  5. Having an issue. I just created a Vintage Story multiplayer server hosted by Nitrado. I have the game set to public in Nitrado portal yet it is not showing up in Public list. Any sugggestions?
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