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  1. sure simple ways to get by like sleeping. but what's the point on having night time if your not able to play? i just don't like no sense mechanics in general like drifters magicaly spawning on top of me. whats the story behind this? how do they know where i am? why have them spawn so close? atleast stop them from spawning that close near my building?
  2. just played the game for the first time learning the basics and struggling to survive .... then on top of that at night 5 drifters spawn on top of me lol.... i don't find it amusing having to hide in a tiny cave all night, nothing i can do just wait= not fun i was hoping to find an option to disable them spawning but nope. i undertand there need to be challenging content but having 5 mobs spawn on top of me while naked is not fun fine if they guard some treasure and what not but having them spawn on top of me out of no where doesn't make sense so i hope devs just get r
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