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  1. Just finished putting together my first iron anvil, it was quite a labor intensive process. With that said, I noticed while messing around in creative mode that you are able spawn in a STEEL anvil; is there a purpose at any point in the current version of the game to forge one, or is it even possible? The wiki doesn't mention the the steel anvil at all, so I just assume it will only be relevant in a future game version, I just don't want to waste my steel on other projects if there is a good reason to prioritize making a steel anvil instead.
  2. This is exactly what I started doing yesterday, it's those "grace periods" and "warm-up time" factors that made me realize two things: A) It's not a horrible idea to "jumpstart" certain high-temp cookjobs with a high-temperature fuel like charcoal and then proceed to use the intended fuel, but it's still relatively inefficient, and B) You get the best bang for your buck for doing larger and uninterrupted cookjobs, as long as you maintain the fuel supply until the job is done. I can see how someone would do this in a situation where fuel sources are scarce, i.e. no ready access t
  3. Aaah, this completely removes my need to deliberately find coal; for some reason, I had the impression that the steel furnace needed coke to run properly, wish I had known this sooner. Then on a semi-related subject in regards to fuel, I have been using peat for the purpose of cooking and clay forming since it is relatively easy to get with a decent burn time and so-so maximum temperature. Obviously, it is a non-renewable resource and at some point the trips to get it won't be worth it at all, but is it actually more efficient in the long run to just use charcoal for those purposes as soo
  4. To put into perspective how little coal I've come across in my current session, I am well into the Iron age and just finished building my coke furnace in preparation for moving onto steel, and all I have ever found in my world is a couple traces of Lignite that I haven't pursued because the distribution was considered, "miniscule" by the prospecting pick everywhere I looked. I've particularly searched in limestone and sandstone rich biomes, and have even struck diamonds before I've even seen a single deposit of coal anywhere in my world. I also tried loading up a throwaway world with default
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