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  1. yeah the problem is we want to play multiplayer and none of us have experience setting up a rented server but we are going to give it a go and see what happens lol
  2. well we stocked up food for winter and figured we would mine during the winter but beyond the first cave we found with a bunch of copper we have found a bunch of nothing and no there is only 1 option on the prospecting pick. so i guess the fact that we go out day after day and find nothing has kind of put us off, and again i tried using the prospecting pick and only found one result where it was decent and dug down and found nothing. even tried a few spots within a couple blocks and nothing. we probably got enough copper to make 15 or so picks plus swords and a few hammers and now our copper i
  3. so i tried this method and i just dont know. first it takes days in game to get enough sticks to make 2 stacks of ladders which is bad enough but then when i try to prospect a specific block the prospecting pick just seems to want to randomly reset between blocks so i never end up prospecting the one i want =/ i even tried digging down and using dirt to get back up figuring if i fell into a pit and die then id use the ladders to get my body back but even on a block that reads decent tin i found nothing even tried a 2nd shaft near by still no tin. between this and nights
  4. how do i do precisely that block if i have to prospect 3 blocks? and they have to be 3 away not exactly sure lol
  5. oh wow i knew he had modded the server (there are only a few) but i just assumed fish were a base thing. that makes so much more sense lol and yeah i get copper is everywhere but its kind of hard to get unless 3-4 of us go together because we dont have armor because its not viable for us to make . It may also be bad luck because we have spent days running in all directions and the only stone we find is basalt lol no lime anywhere so we cant make leather either.
  6. So love the game so far and I know its in very early stages but I just wanted to point out some things that me and my friend group feel are off. 1. Fish. catching flattening and cooking fish seems off. once cooked you get less saturation from a flattened fish filet than you do from a berry. Fish is a very healthy meal and IMO fish should take longer to catch and reflect that its very healthy and good to eat XD 2. Weapon durability specificaly but really durability of all tools. I feel like the use you get out of tools and weapons is far less than the effort that goes in to making the
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