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  1. What I did was edit the serverconfig.json to point to the proper .vcdbs world save. Just in case, I also touched it up to have the correct world seed and map size. In regards to the world config stuff, the serverconfig.json file defaults to null, which I think means the settings used by the world save are used instead. After all of that, my serverconfig.json would save everything except the file it points to, but I assume that was due to me not shutting down the server while making these edits, so part of the restart process would overwrite the file name. My work around to brute force it
  2. Aye, I have the capability of accessing the server files, an FTP program connecting to it was how we did the mods in the first place. So, I don't need to do anything else besides point the config file to the uploaded world file? Thanks for the help though!
  3. A friend and I are using G-Portal to run a small server, and while operating it we are having difficulties adjusting settings and getting them to stick. Main point, after figuring it out and finally adding some mods, we came to the conclusion to go ahead and restart with a new world. Yet, nothing worked when it came to changing the server's world name or seed, it would default back to its original designation. Eventually I managed to get it working by just deleting the server's save of the world, and having the config set to a new seed made it finally go through with the changes. After playing
  4. That's what I was afraid of, but thanks for letting me know.
  5. I'm trying to get into the steel process, but the requirements are throwing me for a loop. Bauxite I understand is a rock, and I will no doubt find it eventually. I have seen titanium deposits, but olivine is just not showing up. I had wandered far for bauxite and came across a section of peridotite, but no matter where I prospected along it's line, never did olivine show up as a mineral. In fact, some places has 0 ore whatsoever. While quartz is common, and easily spotted above ground, it doesn't always show up in the prospecting. Is olivine in the same boat and I have to wander more to find
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