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  1. So I admit my idea of fun is often "more difficult", but here's technically another item that needs cloth: proper torches. Stack size for fabrics should be very high because it *is* very high IRL.
  2. Noted, I will have a look. It's likely that tree growth is in yet another random part of the code which I missed.
  3. It occurs to me that this hand tool category could also be extended to other things. Specifically, people were able to grind things long before the invention of querns using a hand mortar.
  4. From my experience, yes. So if you die far away you sometimes have longer, but only sometimes.
  5. Agreed on all points. Having windmill sails degrade over time would make a lot of sense. Right now, windmills are something that takes a fair amount of work to set up but then none to maintain. (Similarly, having axles and gears slowly degrade over time would also be good, so you have to occasionally maintain your mill. Again, right now you need all this stuff to set it up and then it just runs forever.) Instead of changing the rate at which clothes wear out, you could reduce the amount of clothes repair caused by using twine and linen. So there's still the same grace period until yo
  6. I've been reading a history blog series about cloth production, and based on this, I'd like to propose mechanics for spinning and weaving. This proposal specifically ignores questions of clothes crafting and dyes. It's entirely about how to move the flax -> linen crafting away from grid crafting. It creates three tiers of crafting efficiency: handheld, advanced, and powered. Spinning There are two ways to turn flax into thread: spindles and spinning wheels. Spindles are items crafted using a stick, a block of wood, and a knife as a tool. When equipped, you can hold down
  7. OK, turns out crafting recipes based on wood are not as automated than I thought, so there were a bunch missing for yew. Fixed now.
  8. Just getting started with modding, so I made a mod to add three new items: obsidian swords, boar tusk helmets, and longbows. I aimed for this to be a mod that just adds some interesting and reasonably balanced extra crafting options. Mod DB Entry / Download Here Obsidian Swords (Macuahuitl) are a mesoamerican weapon that's basically a club or paddle with obsidian embedded into it. Obsidian is very sharp but quite brittle. This is a weapon nearly on par with a copper longblade, but a lot less durable - and you need a lot of obsidian to craft it. Boar Tusk Helmets are an anc
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