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  1. Until the game changes or I can find a mod to fix the darkness of night I won't be able to play this. Two saves I have died because by nighttime I can't see anything, no torch, little or no food yet, and I am literally just standing dying in a field from starvation because I can't see anything. I like that the game is more realistic...but I dont want to waste 20 minutes staring at a black screen.
  2. Agreed. I quit the game today after dying in the dark twice and decided until I find a mod that will let me adjust the games gamma I won't play it.
  3. Hey friends, I just picked this game up and unfortunately I haven't found what appears to be an easy way to look through the mods. What SMALL quality of life mods would you recommend that myself and my friends get while still keeping most of the vanilla aspects of the game but improving the game play. we still want to play survival but we know that of course certain mods make life significantly less annoying. Thanks!
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