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  1. Pit traps work, and it looks kinda hilarious when 20+ drifters are in a 2x2x2 hole. It is a solution, but the problem still exists, sometimes game just spawns waay too many mobs, and it's just irritating. I think this system should be changed, or slightly tuned - to be more "realistic" (maybe big wave of mobs when first entering a caved area, and after that sporadic spawns? At first to clear the most of inhabitants, and after that just finish off survivors?).
  2. Hi, Is there a way to reduce the amount of mobs spawning? I honestly think the amount of drifters spawning, and the rules that apply to it are a bit overtuned. Often when i go to the cave I can't proceed just because drifters keep spawning in places, where logically they shouldnt (in my line of sight, in places lit by torches, or in places where I have been few seconds ago). I know that enemies should exist, that i am exploring their nest (the cave), but there should be a finite amount of them. Today i was playing, and for over an hour i couldnt proceed even for a single block further, because difters were spawning so fast and in so many numbers that it was just overwhelming (see picrel, that isnt even the biggest battlefield, just the last one because i got frustrated). I destroyed two swords, two knives, got 3 whole stacks of flax and a half, and so many temporal gears that i dont have a place to store them. So my question is: Is there a way to reduce the amount of mobs spawning? Or my suggestion is to reduce this amount, or change rules of spawn. Few examples: - Mobs cant spawn in player's line of sight - Reduce the level of light required for mobs to spawn - Mobs cant spawn in a radius around player (so they can't spawn behind our backs in places, where we were looking a second ago) - Apply a limit for how many mobs can spawn in an area, or in a specific period of time I hope you can understand me clearly, english is not my first language.
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