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  1. Nice, thanks for the fix. Looking forward to see it
  2. Dear Vintage Story Team, recently I stated changing the German translation to help improving it. I changed some translations in the "\assets\game\lang\de.json" file, used the ModMaker Tool to get these changes in a separate file and then changed them online in the Vintage Story Translation Center (https://vintagestory.oneskyapp.com/). After that i started the game and looked if i could add some more, I went to the "Create new World" section and discovered that under the Advanced settings, none of the values are translated. So i searched for these in the translation file and found them at the end of the file. They were all translated but none of them showed up in the game. I looked into the text above them, trying to find any problem that could create problems with the json parser, so the parser is not loading these, but i found nothing. All translations above are working and there were no formating issues or something else (that i could find). So i wanted to ask if this is a software sided Bug or something with the file is wrong. MineLPPhynix
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