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  1. I don't have time for a detailed response, but I wanted to say that I love the ideas being tossed around here. @RedRam, I kinda like the idea of having to transport logs slowly, but I think that most people would not consider that an element that adds fun to the game. Having to transport them by cart is a very interesting idea, but that would be an entirely new game mechanic. I can't imagine how that would work without being very awkward (like minecraft horse awkward), but it could potentially be a good alternative to massive inventories. @heptagonrus, I totally dig your ideas in your main post, but also your thoughts on stone tools. I like it when items have tradeoffs, rather than being straight upgrades. Irl, obsidian knifes are far sharper than a razor, but dull far more quickly. I imagine them wearing out super fast in game. The idea of tools having a chance to break has been tossed around as well. Personally I think stone should 1) be very effective when new, but that 2) effectiveness quickly drops off as it wears, and 3) at any point in its wear cycle it can be re-flaked to restore it's effectiveness, but only a certain number of times (maybe three repairs).
  2. Your call, I suppose. I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I would lean towards removing it. Definitely handy, but its just a matter of whether it is desirable to make it quite so handy. It's a fairly small gameplay balance question.
  3. It doesn't show up that well in the screenshot, now that I look at it again. The first screenshot I ever took of VS was of some mountains at night, and it was completely black in the screenshot even though they were quite visible in the game, even on the same computer. In the game I could see the drifters in the cave quite clearly while holding the torch. It was a very striking difference. You should still be able to see enough of the difference, though. To be more precise about what I'm describing: the second picture shows the edges of blocks, and the outline of a drifter, while the first is very smoothly blurred together so that no detail is visible. The torch didn't brighten anything in the cave, it just made it more clear. If you can't see it, try looking at your screen from a higher angle.
  4. Okay. Very interesting (and useful).
  5. I think the difference in the difficulty of acquiring the anvils would amount to the difficulty of mining. It seems unlikely to me that a player would search far and wide for enough surface nuggets to make an anvil, especially considering that where there are surface nuggets there is generally ore nearby. Mining copper would actually be easier than searching for that many nuggets. It would still be notably more difficult than finding igneous stone though. Now that I think about it, I would personally never bother with a copper anvil if I could get by with a stone one. It just wouldn't be worth the material cost. You can make a lot of tools with the amount of metal it takes to make one. Even if I had to burn through fifteen stone anvils while on my way to bronze it would be totally worth it. For me there would have to be some very serious benefits to getting a copper anvil to make it worthwhile.
  6. At least in the stoves, as opposed to the campfires.
  7. I am on board with pretty much all the ideas presented here. Some of the trees represented in vintage story would produce edible nuts. Certain pine trees produce seeds in their cones that (while not technically nuts, I guess) are quite good to eat. Oaks produce acorns which are edible with a little work. They are a staple of some primitive diets. Since seeds instead of saplings are on the table (so to speak) for discussion it is worth considering whether or not: They will be edible Branches need to be broken to obtain them, or fall on the ground Trees would produce seasonally, if seeds "fell" It wouldn't necessarily be more complicated, you'd just be planting seeds instead of saplings. If it was implemented in a way that did add complication it might just call for more "reward" for doing it in the form of higher yields. Here's another thought: What if seeds had a small chance of planting themselves? It would help this situation if forests could spread slowly by themselves, instead of needing constant maintenance from players to prevent deforestation. So an oak tree could periodically drop acorns through a certain season, and those seeds have a chance to form a sapling, or they can be grown by the player. I don't think growing them from seed would inhibit that. It could be incorporated by transplanting a sapling that grew from seed, or just planting a seed in a planter and letting it grow.
  8. If stone anvils were added I think it would make sense to add durability as well. Giving stone anvils extremely low durability would push players towards upgrading to a copper one. I agree that the anvil mold should break. It would make moving to the next metal tier more climactic. The fact that they survive the removal of the anvil is very strange. I found it a little jarring when I first saw it.
  9. Exscorbizorb


    @Ermanno Strazzeri It looks like it is been a while since anyone responded... I'm no expert, but I think the game just can't do anything with a partial ingot. You either have enough units to make a full ingot, or you don't. In other words, it is part of the game mechanics, not a bug. Always make sure you have enough to complete the tool.
  10. I think that is the gist of what he is suggesting. Having other people able to see it would be helpful, as would the addition of things like measuring tools. Neither would fit in very well with the dream idea, but the dream idea does sound like it would add some fun flavor to it. I think it could be accounted for in-game in a more "realistic" way with tools and blueprints though. As for the inevitable "ghost blocks" we already have similar things without it breaking immersion or believability. Ore prospecting in creative is already possible if you know the seed. I don't know if players in multiplayer can view the seed though. If you could break blocks like in creative it could be used to "dig" underground to check for ores where you suspected one to be. Say you found a decent density of sphalerite, you could enter the dream world and dig freely and cheaply to see if it actually there before using a pickaxe. Perhaps having all ore blocks appear as regular stone, of whatever kind they appear in, could be a solution. Either way, I agree that it sounds like a mod thing. Not a bad idea though; I'd download it.
  11. This is the problem. The fire in the picture is far colder than the crucible, but the crucible held a steady 613 degrees. Once an item on the fire reaches a certain temperature it doesn't drop. I only have to worry about getting an item to a temperature, then I can just walk away. It will finish on its own regardless.
  12. That could have been it. There is basically a giant tower not too far away, as well as some smaller pits. I'm sure they couldn't survive a fall from the top, but there are probably ledges part way down that they might have spawned on.
  13. Hard to describe... when a reed is being cut there are pixels in the texture where water is invisible. It seems to be from the overlay of the "cracking" texture.
  14. Are torches meant to affect fog, and brighten a cave from so far away? This is better than the best modern flashlight.
  15. There are a few separate suggestions here, but as to the main one: wolves do already kill other animals.
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