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  1. Episode #4 - Your first health poultice We finally find the horsetail flower today, that is the needed ingredient for your first health poultice in the early game. Also we craft our very basic and early game wood armor. https://odysee.com/@TheSurvivemer:7/Vintage-Story-Tutorial-Lets-Play-E4-Your-first-health-poultice:8 https://www.bitchute.com/video/ljLPkeynuFlV/ https://rumble.com/vfmlph-vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-e4-your-first-health-poultice.html https://tv.gab.com/channel/thesurvivemer/view/vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-60758c649aa29faeaac274d0
  2. Episode #3 - Settling down In today's episode we move to a new location, and start our hidye hole #2, until we have a more permanent base. We also defend ourselves from wolves successfully! We start a temporary berries garden, do some basic cooking and start with storage basics 101. Also we do some crafting, specially "knapping", a cool way that Vintage Story has to craft tools. https://odysee.com/@TheSurvivemer:7/Vintage-Story-Tutorial-Lets-Play-E3-Settling-down:f https://www.bitchute.com/video/kGtnA8hiraX7/ https://rumble.com/vfhd4j-vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-e
  3. Episode #2 - First Steps (Part 2) In this second part we build our first shelter for the night, expand our inventory space, and some more important stuff to keep in mind during the first day or two. https://odysee.com/@TheSurvivemer:7/Vintage-Story-Tutorial-Lets-Play-E2:e https://www.bitchute.com/video/d0es8j98lu8F/ https://rumble.com/vf3e9l-vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-e2.html https://tv.gab.com/channel/thesurvivemer/view/vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-606f01b63c4f57aa84136ea4
  4. Episode #1 - First Steps (Part 1) Welcome to the first episode of this Vintage Story tutorial and let's play series. Today we will cover the first steps and what to do on your first day or two when you just spawn. https://odysee.com/@TheSurvivemer:7/Vintage-Story-Tutorial-Lets-Play-E1-First-Steps-Part-1:0 https://www.bitchute.com/video/lpcxkqkwykEc/ https://rumble.com/veut9d-vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-e1.html?mref=j8ivh&mc=6tgc6 https://tv.gab.com/channel/thesurvivemer/view/vintage-story-tutorial-lets-play-606ef418f38239cf6824b675
  5. Hello again guys, I finally started publishing my adventures in Vintage Story as a Tutorial and Let's Play series. Suffice to say I'm not the most experienced player of Vintage Story, nor I pretend to be. I just enjoy the game so much that I love to play it and record my experience with it. I hope this helps you get into the game or have some fun and relaxing time while watching. You will be able to watch the episodes in my channels: The Survivemer's Odysee Channel The Survivemer's Bitchute Channel The Survivemer's Rumble Channel The Survivemer's gab TV Channe
  6. Hello everyone, Not long ago I decided to start streaming on DLive. Mainly Vintage Story. At that moment DLive didn't have Vintage Story in their list of games/categories when choosing what you are streaming. So I contacted the DLive Support, and after a brief exchange with one of their team members, they added Vintage Story. I know this might not be a huge thing, but I felt really good, and I'm proud to be the one that made Vintage Story appear on DLive! I'm sharing the "proof" of my claim here, LOL: I'm going live playing Vintage Story on Tuesdays and Th
  7. Hello everyone! I'm new in the forums, and this is my first post. I just want to say hi, and let you know there is a new Vintarian around, that loves the game! I'm also streaming my adventures on Vintage Story on D-Live and in the process of recording Let's Play and Tutorial series. I will make another post soon to let you know a story about my D-Live stream and Vintage Story... For anyone interested in jumping in my streams sometime: https://dlive.tv/TheSurvivemer. Currently I'm streaming on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 16:00 to 18:00 UTC-3. Thanks a lot to all, and specially the
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