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  • Basic Character Customization (v1.5.0)


    Stylish Vintarians
    Version 1.5.0, a testing release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

    This update will make multiplayer a bit more user friendly due to the addition of customizable player outfits, so we can each look not the same. Yay!
    I wanted to add some more game content but decided for an early release since there's were a few bad bugs in the previous version.

    Game updates

    • 2018-01-23_16-14-16.png.aa2ff7cfbc96bb29512c14b3cff25694.pngFeature: Customizable player outfits!
      • Everytime you start a new world or join server for the first time you will be able to select from a small range of dress pieces. We'll definitely add a greater selection in the future and make some acquirable only through ruin scavenging and trading.
      • Dress pieces otherwise act just like normal items that can be stored and traded with other players
    • Feature: When picking up items from the ground, the inventory slot they landed in will now vibrate to better visualize that you collected something.

    • Feature: Mushrooms are now 3D! :o
    • Feature: Added survival mode crafting recipes for stone path blocks (made from 5 stones and any soil) and wooden paths (made from aged planks).
    • Feature: Getting damaged now shakes the screen 
    • API Feature:
      • Added api methods for rendering a texture into a texture,
      • Added api method to reserve texture space in the entity/block/item texture atlas
      • Refactored TesselatorAPI texture atlas parts into their own texture atlas with some more functionality. We can now basically stream in and out of textures during runtime.
      • More mod friendly way of setting the time speed (via time speed modifiers)
      • Added ability for the engine to load mods from the data folder as well
    • Tweak: Sign texts are now black and centered
    • Tweak: The grid recipe for arrows now only results in a single arrow instead of 3
    • Tweak: Rewrote many server commands to be grouped together into logical components: /player and /role
    • Tweak: Added ability to set default spawn point through command /serverconfig defaultspawn x y z
    • Tweak: Improved the shape and textures of the bloomery, wooden chest, stationary basket, bucket and sign block 
    • Tweak: Some shader tweaks for the moon at dawn and dusk. Could potentially be used for further celestial objects that are also visible during daytime
    • Tweak: Re-addded new opentk version built by copygirl, might fix linux mouse issues without breaking the game this time.
    • Tweak: Animals only grow up if there is enough space to grow. This prevents them from suffocating if they are pushed to a block edge at the moment of growth.
    • Tweak: Tweaked sound distance attenuation to play at 100% within a 3 block radius, should fix some sounds being very low volumne
    • Tweak: Item/Block tool tip box now shows the item/block at 250% the normal size instead of 150%
    • Fixed: /times speed command resetting on world reload
    • Fixed: Killed animals still growing up and reproducing
    • Fixed: Game crashing when trying to place a bow on a tool rack
    • Fixed: Game crashing when igniting a block with a torch and then looking away.
    • Fixed: Server crashing and breaking save games when breaking broken firewood piles (that contained shirts O_O)
    • Fixed: Player block break animation not playing when nothing in hands
    • Fixed: Tweaked the sizes / positions of many items and blocks in the inventory guis
    • Fixed: Block schematic rotation issue when rotating by 180 degrees. Affects world edit schematics and structures created by world generation. Fixes ruins sometimes containing wrongly rotated beds.

    Edited by Tyron


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