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  • Blocks, Music, More world height, Undo and more (v1.0.2)


    Mountainous Vintarians!
    We continued chasing our distant dream.
    v1.0.2 is now available for download in your favorite game account manager


    • Added ability to configure the world height directly from the singleplayer screen. (it was always configurable but only through editing the serversettings.json)
    • Two new music tracks: Mirror and Groove.
    • World Edit Updates
      • Added undo/redo capabilities. Can now perform /we undo up to 20 times 
      • Added santity checks to every operation. These prevent you from doing stuff that can potentially crash the server, such as placing large amount of light sources or more than 8 million blocks. Can be disabled via /we sovp 0
    • Singleplayer List Items now a bit more informative, now shows:
      • Cheats On/Off and World height
      • Total Real-World play time
    • Added new blocks
      • Hardened Clay (4 variants)
      • Unlit and Lit Stove
      • Cobblestone Stairs
    • Added frame tick profiler (CTRL+F10) to help track down performance issues
    • The installer is finally properly code signed! You now get a pretty blue shield instead of a yellow one when installing the game. I hope this will also resolve any issues with AntiVirus when downloading the game.
    • Fixed Server Crash using Mono: The Server should now run under Linux!
    • Added proper music system that selects tracks according to the daytime and playstyle
    • Improved Brick Textures 
    • Tweaked world gen to generate significantly less rock strata


    Edited by Tyron


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