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  • Delayed again (Smithing, Model Creator and Animations)


    Patient Vintarians

    Yet again, I could not bring out a new release within the time frame that I hoped for. One of the causes includes my whole family catching a pretty severe cold for the second time this year, though luckily I have been spared so far. But I digress, here's some game related updates!

    Game Festival

    So I just got the news today that in all likelihood I will be attending the A.MAZE Game Festival Berlin to show off Vintage Story at one of their open screen booths. They accepted my submission, so I guess I should be going ;-)


    Since the previous game update the forums and chat have become very active, which is awesome! It's getting hard to track all the ideas floating around, so we'll probably try and find a better solution to tracking these, ideally a single place for where people can vote and sort the suggestions in various ways.

    The old Chat service will be discontinued by the developers of this forum software, so I had to switch over to an alternative. Discord seemed to be a nice choice, so I hope to see you all there!

    Model Creator

    I've done a lot of work on the Model Creator and uploaded 7 new releases this month. The updates were mostly to improve the stability, consistency and ease-of-use when creating creature models and animations. After all, the better we can work with this tool, the faster we can churn out high quality models and animations for the game. Beyond that I also implemented the ability to export animations as animated gifs, because communication is key! Here's the first ever gif export:


    By the way, if there's anyone that thinks he can do way better animations than that: I NEED YOU! PLEASE CONTACT ME! :D (serious)
    The model and texturing was done by saraty, which is a great first milestone for her to be able to do that.

    The other new feature is automatic texture reloading. Combined with a PS Action to automatically export the current image as png through hotkey, you have near instant texture reload, this should greatly speed up the texturing process since you get quick feedback on how it looks.



    I've got a half finished implementation for a smithing system which hit a minor road block that I have to solve first: Selecting from a list of smithing techniques. Probaby will be some special form of gui dialog. Here's a short video that demonstrates some of the ideas behind the smithing concept. It's inspired by redrams suggestions in the forums.


    I probably spent another 10 hours or more fixing the remaining bugs in the animation code, which was the last roadblock that prevent me from adding new creatures. This component was probably the hardest one to implement into the game so far, so this calls for a celebration that it's in a usable state now! 

    Max FPS
    For anyone experiencing stutter, this new graphics setting could fix it, by manually syncing the FPS to your Monitors refresh rate. For me the game ran smoothest when limited to 38 FPS

    Joshes Updates

    Josh has been actively working on the ever growing list of smallish tasks. Since the last update he fixed that lava lakes are dark during initial world generation, that lava can spread like water and added the long planned cow skull block to deserts.


    That's all folks! I hope to finish the new smithing system soon and make a release with it. Until then, stay classy. 

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