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  • Explosives and Creative Tools Gui (v1.3.7)


    Blast Mining Vintarians
    Version 1.3.7 is now available for download in the account manager.

    In preparation for the upcoming presentation of Vintage Story at the Vienna GameDev Meetup and the ReVersed Festival here a new release that includes the long planned world edit toolbar, so that we can more easily show off the world editing capabilities of the game. This toolbar is merely an interface to already existing functionality which has been available through commands for quite a while now, but greatly improves the accessibility of these tools. We'll hope this will make for a great presentation in the upcoming week! :-)

    Website Updates

    Game Updates

    • Feature: World Edit Toolbar
      • A more user friendly way to use the world edit tools, does not yet support all of the features that the command line interface offers
      • Hit the Tilde (`) Key on your keyboard while in creative mode to activate
      • Offers some additional client side settings, such as modifying the clouds and fog density or color
      • While the gui is opened the player can still place and remove blocks
    • Feature: Explosives
      • New resource: Saltpeter - appears on cave walls
      • New resource: Blasting powder - crafted from sulfur, coal and saltpeter
      • New block: Ore blasting bomb - an explosive best suited for mining ores. Crafted from blasting power, flax twine and a piece of linen. Place on the ground, ignite with a torch and enjoy the show!
    • Feature: New block: Full shingle block
    • Feature: New soundtrack "Midnight"
    • Feature API Updates (none yet documented, bug tyron for questions):
      • New generic "JsonDialog" that allows mods to create their own guis from a given sets of gui elements. 
      • Mods can now register and hook up to keybord events
      • Added ability for particles to spawn other particles (i.e. particle trails)
    • Tweak: Some modifications to the world edit commands
      • Block entities are now also exported/imported
      • Lake tool is now called "Flood Fill" and has a configurable search radius parameter via /we tr
      • The dimensions for the Paint brush and eraser can now be set individually via /we tsx, /we tsy or /we tsz
      • The Tree tool now takes a minimum and maximum size for the tree instead of a minimum and random add parameter.
    • Tweak: Added hen fleeing sound
    • Tweak: Added particle effects to standing lava
    • Fixed: Hen walking animation not always playing while it's walking
    • Fixed: A rare server crash occurring randomly (hopefully)


    Edited by Tyron


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