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  • Fancy blocks, breaking blocks


    • Added some new blocks moved over from Vintagecraft. Done with fairly little effort, thanks to similarities of the json model format. Currently only the blocks themselves are there, you can't use them for anything yet, other than for decorative purposes.

    • Added blocks dropping from breaking blocks and everything required to make that possible. Which means a basic entity system is now in place that will also handle animals, mobs and in the future other players. 

    • Added 2 new settings to control mouse sensivity and mouse movement smoothing
    • Did a bit if work on the tree-in-world-generator. It now spawns trees based on the climate, forest and elevation values.
    • Recorded and edited a bunch of sounds for the game, which was a lot of fun ^_^
    • Lots of internal updates (improved particle spawning system, begin work on making dropped items collectible) 

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