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  • Fruit tree fix, more Vintagehosting and Development update (v1.16.5-rc.1)


    Dear Players
    v1.16.5-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Been a month since I last posted so it's about time for an update. Here's whats happened so far.

    1.16.5-rc.1 minor game update
    This update brings a few essential bugfixes, as an unstable release to be on the safe side. Should become stable in a few days. I feel 99% certain this will be the last 1.16.x update.

    Ukraine Charity
    From the 27th until the 6th of March we have donated 100% of our revenue to humanitarian aid for Ukraine, amounting to over 5000 Eur. We have seen increased sales during that time period  - thank you everyone for participating!

    Vintagehosting update
    As of yesterday, our Vintagehosting servers now allow a maximum player count of 8 players at no additional cost (previously 5 was the limit). Existing server owners may need to restart their game server for changes to take effect.

    2022 Feature Trailer Additions
    Currently we are focused on creating a new, 3 minute long main game trailer. In the process we add new visual effects and small details to help visualize the games mechanics and in-game experience. Most of them will become a permanent part of the game in the next main update. I've posted several of this changes on our Discord. Here's a few of them

    Player and Creature frost overlay. Freezing players will look frosted and have a freezing animation.

    You'll be able to sit down on a block edge

    Improved Lava visuals

    Layered gravel (from panning), Sea shells and loose stones will be submersible. Added flowering lily variant

    Upcoming Updates
    Beyond the aforementioned visual updates, the topic of 1.17 is "De-Jank". This means we'd like to improve some of the existing game mechanics and finish some of the currently incomplete ones. I don't want to go into specifics but I do can reveal some broad de-janks topics which we plan to work on, which are: Armor system, Immersive First Person Mode, Seraph Voices, Mouse/Keyboard controls, Prospecting, Meal cooking.

    Once the game trailer and 1.17 is complete, we'd like to finally make major advances around the games lore in 1.18. This will include lots of new ruins and ruin contents.

    We've also been working on a long term plan for a full story arch with different endings, all of them majorly affecting game play in a certain way, which is something I'm personally very excited about. I do hope we can add it all this decade still 😁

    Till next time!


    1.16.5-rc.1 Game updates

    • Fixed: Should fix some fruit trees never fruiting
    • Fixed: Fruit trees harvestable multiple times
    • Fixed: Worldedit import tool "Replace all" mode did not replace air
    • Fixed: Game crashing when it cannot log to file
    • Fixed: Dressing/Undressing backpacks sometimes not showing the backpack visually on the player
    • Fixed: White storm dust particles that are not supposed to be there
    • Fixed: Oversized poults
    • Fixed: Breaking Ladder did not cascade break the entire stack
    • Fixed: Infinite liquid drinking dupe bug
    • Fixed: Able to add crust on baked pies
    • Fixed: Not able to place filled jugs and bowls
    • Fixed: Itemstack tooltip box some title text got linebreaked unecessarily
    • Fixed: Should fix a rare crash with beds. Might break other things.
    • Fixed: Should fix half generated trader carts
    • Fixed: Breaking damaged refractory brick dropped 3 to 5 bricks, the same amount required to replace them, on average
    • Fixed: Harvesting pomegranate trees dropped breadfruit
    • Fixed: Clicking on the crate in the handbook did not direct to the crate page
    • Api Fixed: Two bugs in OnBlockExploded()


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