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  • Homesteading balance and stability patch #2 (v1.15.6-rc.3)


    Dear Community
    v1.15.6-rc.3, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Screenshot by Daag

    Game updates since rc.2

    • Tweak: Glacier ice can now also be chiseled (but still needs some visual improvements)
    • Fixed: Not able to place wallpaper on chiseled blocks
    • Fixed: Removing the last sand/bony soil layer not making water flow
    • Fixed: Shift + Left click items from creative inventory lag spike when inventory was full
    • Fixed: Entities at the edge of int.MaxValue or int.MinValue caused the server to freeze
    • Fixed: Crash introduced in 1.15-6.rc.1
    • Fixed: Animals that seek out players did not respect the players crouching state, which is supposed to reduce the detection range by 40%
    • Fixed: Game crashing during knapping
    • Fixed: Mantle block had wrong the block material
    • Fixed: Potential race condition crash in the world map (might fix the crash the player Purple Heart experienced)
    • Fixed: Game crashing when looking up logs in the handbook, introduced in 1.15.6-rc.1

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