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  • Homesteading part 2, 8th release candidate (1.16.0-rc.8)


    Dear Homesteaders
    v1.16.0-rc.8, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Stop finding bugs or I will not stop doing release candidates!!!1111
    (Just kidding, thanks so much for all the bug reports, producing a high quality game would be nigh impossible without your help)

    Game updates

    • Feature: Attacking with long blades now behaves similar to spears (wind up time + animation + sound + effects)
    • Feature: A new set of main menu backgrounds, half of which are made by the community (please contact me if we shouldn't use your screenshot)
    • Tweak: Storm dust/water particle fine tuning
    • Tweak: World map visual tuning (more color accurate but more noisy)
    • Tweak: Updated language files
    • Tweak: Made Juice, Ciders and Spirits more opaque
    • Tweak: Disabled bell pepper worldgen spawn
    • Tweak: Snow covered grass can no longer ignite
    • Fixed: Bamboo shoots block info saying that they'll mature
    • Fixed: Bucket dupe bug with the condenser
    • Fixed: Fern tree spam in jungles
    • Fixed: Leaded glass panes not correctly rotated when rotating with worldedit
    • Fixed: Frosted overlay on some plants despite warm temperatures
    • Fixed: Hammer did not loose durability from combat
    • Fixed: Floaty pixel on silver diadems
    • Fixed: Texture derp for harvested horsetail
    • Fixed: Should fix startup crash on MacOS
    • Fixed: Should fix smithing crash for good :facepalm:
    • Fixed: Add a bit of tolerance to cementation process completion
    • Fixed: Auto-Mod downloader trying to download the vanilla mods
    • Fixed: Grass color derp
    • Fixed: Minor mushroom derp (unpretty gui transforms, missing translation entry for mushrooms in soup)
    • Fixed: Wrong AO on underwater reeds
    • Fixed: Forest floor in inventory had no grass coverage
    • Fixed: New "NoStep" change on wooden fences not applied to stone fences and hewn fences
    • Api Fixed: Derp in tree.SetVec3i()



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