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  • Homesteading part 2 & Combat update, unstable finetune (1.16.1-rc.1/rc.2)


    Dear Homesteaders
    v1.16.1-rc.2, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Feels likely an eternity since the last update, doesn't it? Time to remedy that! :P
    This release should address some of the most reported issues with 1.16.0 stable and also make it a lot easier for modders to add mounts to the game.

    Game updates

    • Feature: Mash can now be placed in troughs. Mash spoils 3 times slower.
    • Feature: Can now cut the green and brown bamboo shoots into edible shoots
    • Tweak: Disabled WASD map scrolling, but left in arrow key map scrolling
    • Tweak: Fine tune spear and longblade first person animations some more
    • Tweak: Increase longblade hit speed by 25%
    • Tweak: Crash reporter now also prints loaded mods
    • Tweak: Malefactor increase whole loot vessel from 10% to 12%
    • Tweak: Increase active and passive block chance of the shield by 5%
    • Tweak: Updated torch information in the starter guide.
    • Tweak: Server owners can now customize the auction house rates through 3 values:

          auctionHouseDeliveryPriceMul - multiplier on the delivery costs (default: 1)
          auctionHouseDurationWeeksMul - multiplier on the auction duration (does not affect gear cost)  (default: 1, min: 1)
          auctionHouseSalesCutRate - % cut the trader takes (default 0.1 = 10%)

          configured via

          /worldconfigcreate float auctionHouseDeliveryPriceMul 1
          /worldconfigcreate int auctionHouseDurationWeeksMul 1
          /worldconfigcreate float auctionHouseSalesCutRate 0.1

    • Fixed: Blackguard recipes no longer consume a whole iron hammer
    • Fixed: Pineapple slices juicing into apple juice
    • Fixed: Z-fighting with the "layered" hair style
    • Fixed: Game crashing if two mods with the same mod id are in the mods folder
    • Fixed: {plr} command block place holder not working as intended
    • Fixed: Fruit press interaction help suggesting placing liquid containers that are not placeable
    • Fixed: Spear/Sword hit sound globally hearable in multiplayer
    • Fixed: Hitbox hole in the trunk block
    • Fixed: Mod downloader ditched any custom server port after attempting to join
    • Fixed: Mod downloader slightly less blocking window while downloading, also fixed wrong download counter
    • Fixed: Chisel crash/freeze when trying to chisel against a placed wall linen
    • Fixed: Major derp when placing multiple auctions at once
    • Fixed: Fruit tree not fully respecting greenhouse benefits
    • Api Tweak: Much improved mounting system. Should make adding boats/horses/airships much simpler. Published a reference implementation for a 2-seated boat (assets shamelessly copied from the xrowboat mod)
    • Api Tweak: Grid crafting per ingredient liquid consumption should now be possible via recipeAttributes: { requiresContent: {...}, requiresLitres: 0.2 }
    • Api Fixed: Two crashes related to modded bowls

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