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  • Homesteading part 2, half a combat update (v1.16.0-rc.1, rc.2)


    Dear Homesteaders
    v1.16.0-rc.1, a unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    [Edit:] Also released rc.2 to fix a crash bug.

    Alrighty, 12 updates later v1.16 is feature complete. All that is left is to balance some mechanics and fix (hopefully mostly minor) bugs. 🎉

    As with the last major update I will only list everything new since pre.1 and then for the first stable release present you with a complete feature list again. Anyhow, check out our update video!

    Game updates

    • Everything listed in the pre.1 blog post + tons of bugfixes for all newly introduced features
    • Feature: Easy multimaterial chiseling - can now easily add more materials to a chiseled block, by dropping blocks into the tool model selector dialog
    • Feature: Added rare polar bear spawn. The other bear types should get added in the future.
    • Feature: Added vertical planks block
    • Feature: Added 11 colored tailored gambeson + recipes
    • Feature: 3 more fruit tree types: Breadfruit, Lychee and Pomegranate
    • Feature: Added Rifts. These appear and disappear at random in the world. Drain your stability when close to one. Surface drifters now only spawn within a 25 block radius of rifts.
    • Feature: Clockmaker exclusive feature - hacking spear. Each hit with a hacking spear gives the clock maker a 15% chance to hack a locust, which will then fight by his side. Beware, hacked locus are extremely jealous on one another
    • Feature: Mushroom worldgen & growth rework
      • Mushrooms no longer leave stumps when harvested, but will still regrow over time
      • Completed Mushroom world generation mechanic. This produces distinct regions where certain only a subset of all mushrooms grow.
    • Feature: Added another 7 more mushrooms
    • Feature: Server side moddb install utility - /moddb
    • Feature: Added jugs for drinking
    • Feature: New world config to disable class exclusive recipes
    • Feature: Added Alcohol-soaked bandages, and grid recipe for solder bars
    • Feature: More combat rework
      • Added crude wooden shields, when standing 15% chance of blocking 1.5 to 3 damage, when sneaking 85% chance of blocking 3 to 5 damage, depending on the shield type
      • Mitigate cases where creatures attack players while looking away
      • Ranged aiming accuracy buildup is now about 50% quicker
      • The hurt screen overlay effect now indicates from which direction the attack came from
    • Feature: Added admin longblade for testing purposes. (Creative mode only)
    • Feature: Chatting while drunk now produces slurred words
    • Feature: Added command /gm shorthand for /gamemode
    • Tweak: Improved creative inventory search, e.g. when searching for "stone" the loose stones are near the top now
    • Tweak: Major Crop rebalance. Doubled growth times and yields for most crops with some exceptions. (Experimental)
      • Rye Cold Dmg changed to -12, Cold Mult to .75, and Heat Dmg to 27 (same heat dmg as turnip).  Spawn conditions of Rye were changed to be in the -12 to 14 temperature range.  Overal rye should now be more suited to northerly climates.
      • Rice Heat Damage ceiling increased from default to 46.
      • Peanut growth time was doubled, but yield was left alone.
      • Amaranth growth time not changed, since its already about 50% of irl.  Yield still doubled though.
      • Cassava growth time was left alone, being already rather long (though still nowhere near irl).  Yield was still doubled to keep the satiety per day vaguely 'competitive'.
      • Doubled pumpkin mother plant growth time, but did not touch anything else, for now.
      • Pineapple was not touched due to already being a very long growth time and its also the only farmable fruit.
    • Tweak: Creature ai tweaks, applies to all creatures
      • Slower look around speed
      • They now tend to wander further
      • Mitigate chasing derp (where creatures turn back for a second)
      • Fixed walking sideways in 3rd camera mode caused animals to target wrongly
      • Creature attack knockback now proportional to damage
    • Tweak: Zoomed in all spear gui transforms. Looks weird but can tell apart spears more easily now.
    • Tweak: Added more water bubbles when walking in water
    • Tweak: Windmills no longer work underground, unless worldconfig undergroundWindmills is set to "true"
    • Tweak: Slight speedup when walking in water, for creatures and players
    • Tweak: Increased max light level spawn cap for drifters again, from 6 to 9 (as they are now also constrained by rift vicinity)
    • Tweak: Added berry picking and shield blocking sound
    • Tweak: Added tempStormFrequencyMul worldconfig
    • Tweak: Standing still now reduces your hunger rate 4-fold instead of 3-fold
    • Tweak: Renamed all spirits to brandy
    • Tweak: Dark blocks now get a white selected block outline for easier chiseling
    • Tweak: Reduced RAM usage by about 75 MB (Technical info: generate animation frames only on demand, optimized particles ram usage)
    • Tweak: Fine tuned snow accumulating and melting to be a bit less abrupt.
    • Tweak: Added white and gray dye
    • Tweak: Removed liquid items from the creative inventory. Replaced them with liquids inside buckets. Added a new liquids creative tab.
    • Tweak: All mods in the mod manager not having set up an icon will now use a default icon. Fixed crashing game if mods did not define a mod icon
    • Tweak: Can now also right click with a bucket on the barrel slot in GUI to take out liquids (and also added holding CTRL to move only small portions)
    • Fixed: Creature hurt sounds not playing? (Might break other things)
    • Fixed: Wrong shading on first person held items
    • Fixed: Missing texture on one of the shields
    • Fixed: Freshly crafted clothes had not 100% condition
    • Fixed: Missing texture on thrown hacking spears, fp hand spears upside down
    • Fixed: Incorrect day/night cycle. Looks promising now, as in, behaving physically correct on all latitudes
    • Fixed: First person spear upside down, spear attack animation a bit smoother
    • Fixed: Ingame error text in front of dialogs
    • Fixed: Missing "25k" option on world config world length
    • Fixed: Freshly crafted clothes had not 100% condition    
    • Fixed: Chopping down bamboo chopped nearby bamboo trees
    • Fixed: Able to always pick up clear quartz from loose quarts ores
    • Fixed: Crash when setting the chisel tool mode right at the edge of a block
    • Fixed: Derpy positioning of the itemstack infobox
    • Fixed: Exception thrown on some /worldconfig commands
    • Fixed: Opened coken oven doors dropping a different block variant
    • Fixed: Should fix fern trees spawning underwater
    • Fixed: Clay dupe glitch
    • Fixed: Fog flicker when moving vertically
    • Fixed: Game crashing when pasting text into the config world screen
    • Fixed: Itemstack infobox sometimes displaying the wrong text
    • Fixed: Fixed creature hostility configuration not properly applying whenever a major update comes out (To the author of the golden wolf mod: add "friendlyTarget:true" to your seek entity json config)
    • Fixed: Firepit ash overlay culled with a block above
    • Fixed: Woad not yellow in world map
    • Fixed: Crash related to interacting with pies
    • Fixed: Wrong sizes of cheese on shelves
    • Fixed: Avoid an exception in the trader restock code if an item no longer exists (e.g. due to a removed mod)
    • Fixed: Items in the grid crafting output slot starting to spoil/dry
    • Fixed: "Dryable. Duration: NaN Hours"
    • Fixed: Multimaterial chiseled blocks containing Glass disabled some faces that it shouldn't (glass chiseling is still not supported in vanilla though)
    • Fixed: Difficulties using the teleport block on server with mild or heavy lag
    • Fixed: Should fix rare crash in the error reporter


    API Updates since pre.1

    • Feature: New JSON Patch operation "addeach" allows inserting/appending of multiple elements in one operation. (the value must be an array)
    • Feature: Added Block.PriorityInteract to be able to sneak interact with a block before sneak interacting with the currently held item
    • Tweak: Added the boolean properties CanDrinkFrom, IsTopOpened and AllowHeldLiquidTransfer to BlockLiquidContainerBase, can also be set via json attribute (unless you use the class BlockLiquidContainerTopOpened, which sets them all to true)
    • Refactor: Begin Engine paradigm shift - recipe systems are no longer engine exclusive. The meal cooking recipe system is now moved from api/engine to the survival mod, with the plan being that all recipe systems (grid recipes, barrel recipes, smithing recipes, clay forming recipes and knapping recipes) will be transferred to the survival mod. This means:
    •   If you need to look up cooking recipes, reference VSSurvivalMod.dll and exchange world.CookingRecipes with "Api.ModLoader.GetModSystem<RecipeRegistry>().CookingRecipes" or through the helper method "Api.CookingRecipes()"
    •   If you only add cooking recipe json files, no changes are required
    •   You can now add your own recipe system. Check out RecipeRegistry.cs for reference (still needs handbook support, though)
    • Refactor: The Handbook and all recipe system except grid recipes are now part of the survival mod. If you accessed any of the recipe lists via api.World.XXXRecipes, you now need to reference VSSurvivalMod.dll, then you can access them via api.GetXXXRecipes()
    • Refactor: All Barrel recipes that have liquids as input or output, instead of quantity and stacksize respectively, these should now define "litres". However for backwards compatibility, if the recipe loader encounters a liquid ingredient or output without a litres definition, it will assume quantity/stacksize = litres and log a warning.
    • Refactor: Rename BlockLiquidContainerBase.GetInContainerProps to BlockLiquidContainerBase.GetContainableProps
    • Refactor: The block code for planks has changed from planks-{wood} to planks-{wood}-hor
    • Refactor: Minor refactor in Weather/WeatherSimulationParticles.cs
    • Tweak: Holding sneak key with .edi enabled shows you item attributes in the itemstack tooltip
    • Tweak: RegisterAiTask and RegisterVtmlTagConverter is now in ICoreApi (through C# class extension in the esentials/survival mod)
    • Tweak: Shape elements of zero size are now no longer tesselated
    • Tweak: New tool: /debug heldstattr key type value
    • Tweak: Added CollectibleObject.TpOffHandTransform
    • Tweak: Added helper methods for ITreeAttribute Set/GetVec3i, Set/GetBlockPos and Set/GetVec3is
    • Tweak: Added ISaveGame.StoreData<T> and ISaveGame.GetData<T>()
    • Tweak: Added SendBlockEntityPacket<T>(IServerPlayer player, BlockPos pos, int packetId, T data = default(T)) BroadcastBlockEntityPacket<T>(BlockPos pos, int packetId, T data = default(T))
    • Fixed: Handbook crashing the game on invalid grid recipes
    • Fixed: Json patch addeach not implemented in the engine
    • Fixed: game crashing when removing the hunger behavior from the player
    • Fixed: Wildcard liquids in grid recipes crashing the handbook
    • Fixed: CreativeInventoryStacks property not working properly for items
    • Fixed: Wildcards not working on grid recipe returnedStacks
    • Fixed: Failure to resolve itemstack for a crafting recipe ingredient did not print a warning
    • Fixed: Texture Rotation not applied to alternates when using * wildcard

    New/Changed since pre.13

    • Feature: Mushrooms no longer leave stumps when harvested, but will still regrow over time.
    • Feature: Completed Mushroom world generation mechanic. This produces distinct regions where certain only a subset of all mushrooms grow.
    • Tweak: Less awkward grass cover side for forest floors
    • Tweak: The hurt screen overlay effect now indicates from which direction the attack came from
    • Tweak: Added Lychee and Pomegranate fruit trees
    • Tweak: Added Ales
    • Tweak: Avoid spawning rifts near lit bases
    • Tweak: Windmills no longer work underground, unless worldconfig undergroundWindmills is set to "true"
    • Fixed: Fog flicker when moving vertically
    • Fixed: Crafted and collected crates not stackable
    • Fixed: Sizzling sound spam when throwing oillamps in water
    • Fixed: Game crashing when pasting text into the config world screen
    • Fixed: Creatures Powercircling in water
    • Api tweak: Added helper methods for ITreeAttribute Set/GetVec3i, Set/GetBlockPos and Set/GetVec3is

    New in rc.2

    • Fixed: Client game crash in new worlds
    • Fixed: Crates not having the advertised 20/25 slots
    • Fixed: Bear death animation
    • Fixed: Not able to craft condenser and boiler with silver solder
    • Fixed: Client Error log spam


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