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  • Hotfix Hotfix fix (v1.6.10)


    Version 1.6.10, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 

    Ok this should fix the current major showstoppers. Only affects server owners, multiplayer players and mac os users with non english keyboard layouts. You can stay on 1.6.8/1.6.9 if you are not affected by these bugs. 


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added server commandline arg --genconfig to generate config files without starting the server
    • Fixed: Some MacOS users not able to type '@' - so as a temporary workaround added a button to insert the '@' into the email field. Proper fix is more complicated and will take some more time.
    • Fixed: Game crashing on multiplayer if another player joins the game that is out of range
    • Fixed: Game crashing / worldmap dialog going all wonky if map is closed with Esc-Key instead of M, then reopend
    • Fixed: Game crashing upon leaving the world when the map was never opened
    • Fixed: Standalone server trying to launch the ErrorReporter dialog upon crash, crashing from that and no longer displaying the original crash

    Edited by Tyron


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