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  • Mac OS, Bamboo and Tree Chopping (v1.4.5)


    Platform Independent Vintarians
    Version 1.4.5 is ready for download in the account manager.

    This update comes way later than I hoped for, but such is life I guess. @Thalius asked about the status of the Mac OS Version of Vintage Story, and so while actually intending to work on other updates I did have a look at the issue. One thing leads to another and I ended up spending 30+ hours on a mac os build. It required me to completely ditch OpenGLs outdated fixed function pipeline and rely solely on "modern" rendering mechanics. It seems Mac OS is quite picky in this regard as it doesn't let you mix&match between these 2 methods. This upgrade does not raise the system requirements however, so linux/windows users should be unaffected.

    There are several more issues under mac os but none of them are critical, so the game should be fully playable.

    Stable/Unstable Releases
    As another measure to make the game more accessible for everyone I've introduced the concept of stable/unstable releases on the downloads page as well as a recommended version. So now if you are not eager to have the latest version of VintageStory you can stick with the stable release and thus less likely to encounter game breaking bugs.

    Website updates

    • Improved Downloads page
      • Now shows the recommend download for your OS
      • Added differentation betweens stable and unstable releases. We will try to tag versions that we expect to be buggy as unstable
    • Updated front page roadmap and added some system icons

    Game Updates

    • Feature: The game now runs under Mac OS X. Added a mac os version to the downloads plage.
      • Comes with all the features as the normal windows version, but there are still some significant known bugs:
        • On some systems a mouse click inside the window seem to click at 0/0 where the mac os menu is. If that is the case for you, use the game in full screen (e.g. via Fn+Ctrl+F11 - you can also change the fullscreen key in the Settings!).
        • No simple way installing a new version without loosing previous save games (currently you have to manually move the 'VintagestoryData' folder to the new app)
        • Smithing/Knapping/Clayforming and Block highlight block/voxel outlines are very thin
        • Taskbar icon unsharp/blurry
        • Renaming the app might prevent the game from starting up at all
        • Breaking soil seems to drop soil with a strange texture
    • Feature: Bamboo trees: Pretty jungle decoration
    • Feature: Whole tree felling: Trees broken by an axe will now break as a whole. If your axe does not have enough durability it will only break partially.
    • Tweak: Added worldedit setting to disable ambient particles
    • Fixed: Lighting issues around underground rivulets
    • Fixed: Some saltpeter blocks wrongly rotated
    • Fixed: Water walking sound no longer playing


    VS running on Mac OS



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