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  1. Well, no issues for us at the moment. We are considering adding it to our server, but we are checking with the community first to see if there are any known conflicts with xskills and xlib. Loving your skill system, but are concerned about adding the new weapons and possible conflicts with skills.
  2. Is anyone aware of any issues with this mod on a server were Mr1k3s weapons pack mod is installed? I tried asking on that mod's forum page, but no response. Thought I might try asking here.
  3. This will only work if something is done to make it harder to farm drifters. We need better seeking ai and more dynamic combat ai from drifters. We had to disable storms on our server because players figured out how to farm them with traps they would fall into, and they could harvest large amounts of resources at almost no risk. Bumping up the drop rate on gears would only make the problem worse. Our solution was to bump the default drop rates up a bit, make drifters more dangerous over-all, and disable storms to prevent farming them. I love the idea of temporal storms, but the concept needs more work and greater depth. Being that the game is in early stages and we have not gotten a good combat update yet, I'm sure they have plans for storms that we don't know about. There have also been a lot of great suggestions and ideas shared on the topic in this and in other forum threads on the subject. I'm personally very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and re-enabling storms in the Wilderlands server.
  4. Starting to look like real vines, there. Nice work!!
  5. Appreciate the feedback and the pointers. We have a few pretty experienced players in our crowd and have discussed these things and how much they may be playing a role in the problem. It just seems like it is happening a LOT more than it usually did on our previous server and on other servers our folks have played on in the past. We were wondering if we are the only ones that have seen an increase in this happening.
  6. We are seeing a LOT of our sheep and pigs escape from fenced in and even walled in enclosures. We have tried double high fences and have had players set a second ring of fencing around their main corral (with several tiles of space in between the inner and outer fence perimeters), and pigs are found outside the main enclosure but within the second outer fence line, clearly showing that they are somehow "phasing" through fencing and escaping their pens. Our server reset with the release of client version 1.15.5, and we are just, within the last few weeks, getting to significant populations of domesticated animals. We saw a few go strangely missing all along from time to time, but now that populations are higher we are more able to tell what is going on, and we are seeing it a lot. Trying to discern if a mod might be causing this, but we have no mods enabled that mess with fencing or collision mechanics or other such things. No clue what is allowing this "phase" glitch to happen. Are we alone in seeing this? If so, it is likely related to some mod or other server specific issue. Thanks in advance... ~TH~
  7. I have been seeing the same, as have some others on our online server. I attributed it to connection issues perhaps until others said they were seeing the same things going on and thought maybe a mod was part of the issue. After reading this post though, I'm not so sure. Also seeing a lot of "rubber-banding", seemingly when these lag spikes occur.
  8. How well does this mod mesh with Xandu's xskills mod?
  9. I personally agree with pretty much all that is expressed in this comment, and understand why it is necessary and helpful for tool and weapon durability to work the way it does. I do, however, like the idea of being able to keep a tool or weapon indefinitely for the sake of history, or sentiment, or whatever you want to call it. I think there is some value to allowing for such things in a game world such as Vintage Story. I'd like to see a mechanic where, when a tool or weapon wears out it's durability, it becomes "damaged". It can still be used at that point but has a fairly good chance of shattering to bits and being lost. To fix it and restore it to like new condition, one needs to take it to a smith and repair it, basically taking an ingot of metal and repairing it. Metal resources consumed, favorite tool or weapon retained. A win on both sides of the discussion, in my book. I know this was not a suggestion post. The author asked what we like about the system while they also expressed some things they wished were different. I like the system as it works and understand the reasons for it, but would like to see that one extra dynamic added that allows for some nostalgia with regard to tools and weapons we have used and acquired over time. ~TH~
  10. I was in process of editing my previous post to add the suggestions. Got a little too quick with clicking the buttons and posted before I was finished writing out the response.
  11. Right. This won't surprise you probably, but I'd like to tweak it a bit, if it is abandoned. If the author is still around I'd like to make some suggestions. Easy enough changes to make, but I don't want to mess with it if the author is still around. Feedback on our server has some balancing requests coming in. Suggested edits: Triple the amount of metal required. Require a lit torch in place of oil lamp in recipe. Brazier extinguishes after a certain time in the rain, and can be re-lit with a torch or fire-starter. Fueling mechanic requiring firewood, with an added modifier that greatly extends burn times.
  12. Sorry for the double post. Not sure how I did that...
  13. Is the author still around, making sure it stays working?
  14. Is the author still around, making sure it stays working?
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