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  1. I read over the OP some time ago, and the general idea has been rolling around in the back of my mind for a while. I too would like to see a more immersive mining mechanic, but not necessarily vastly more time consuming. Slowing things down some is fine by me. Grinding it to a snail's pace would be problematic. I agree with some of the comments that the original idea sounds good, but could use simplification. After some thinking on it, I offer this. It is not really anything new, just what I hope comes across as a simplified idea based on previous suggestions. Mining out blocks: Instead of click/holding on a block with a pick-axe to mine it out, let us take swings at it. Each strike has a chance of breaking off a chunk of the block. As chunks are removed, the block we are swinging at loses a chunk out of it and it lands in our inventory if we have space for it. Better quality material pick axes have an increased chance of breaking off a chunk of stone. Pick axe material type would still determine what could be mined. Swing speed of the pickaxe would be the same regardless of the metal the pick is made of, but mining out a block would become much faster as better pickaxes would yield chunks of stone more often. Add cave in mechanics: Single tile wide tunnels could have a very low chance of caving in, but the possibility is there. Also, allow the chance that the stone you are cutting on could break free and "roll" out at your feet, breaking into pieces and possibly causing damage if you are standing too close to it. When this happens, other blocks could collapse as well, resulting in a cave in that could be small or large, and do further damage if you do not retreat in time. All collapsed blocks break into pieces, allowing you to gather them up for use or to discard. As a tunnel is made wider, chance of random cave in's increases significantly, even when you are not working in the area. Active mining increases the chance of a cave in if there are no reinforced mine walls nearby Mining upward into the ceiling would have high chances of cave-ins if not reinforced. Mining into the floor would have almost no increased chance of cave-ins. Plan your work progression accordingly. Support pillars would be needed to prevent caves-ins on wider tunnels and open mine areas. Not sure what they should be made of. Carve four large beams from a block of wood using an axe, and add large spike nails perhaps. Three beams and a few metal spikes craft a support beam. Support beams could be applied directly to a stone block, turning the stone block into a reinforced stone block. Reinforced stone blocks do not collapse, and protect ceiling tiles in a radius above it out to a certain point. Three to five tiles perhaps, meaning you could have six to ten non reinforced tiles in between reinforced pillars in a mine system. Another option would be to let support beams be actual beams that are placed on a tile, supporting any roof tiles above it in a 3 to 5 tile radius, or more, if deemed necessary. If the latter option is deemed the better one, add wood beams cut from a wood block, and wedges also cut from a wood block. One large beam and a few wedges craft a support beam that can be placed one on top of the other as high as is needed, but must span from floor to ceiling to be effective. Personally I like the idea of both options being possible- a block of uncut stone could be reinforced, allowing for high, reinforced pillars in open mine areas, or the support beam could be placed in an open area to add support to a ceiling. If both options were in the game, make support beams stand two tiles high at crafting, and prevent them from being able to place on on the other. Reinforced stone pillars would have a wider radius of support, while support beams standing alone would have a much smaller area of effect. Just some thoughts after reading over this suggestion and comments. However it plays out, I'd love to see a more realistic and immersive mining experience brought to the game without making it feel bogged down in "grindy" type mechanics. Slower mining is fine if it is more interesting- I'd prefer slower, more dynamic mining over faster but ultimately more simplistic, "mine-crafty" type game play. Humbly submitted, ~TH~
  2. Love this idea, personally. Would enjoy a more immersive mining system in Vintage Story along the lines of what has been put forth here.
  3. I'd like to request a simple mod that makes the game recognize chiseled blocks as "stable surfaces" allowing for things like lamps and such to be placed on them. It is understood that blocks chiseled down to lower the surface of the block would make lamps and other items placed on them to appear as floating, and blocks that have had their base chiseled up would appear floating over the block below them, but the player would just have to keep in mind such things when chiseling out items intended for use in such a manner. As it is, I can't make cool looking lampstands that are functional... Humbly submitted... Th
  4. Is this modpack updated to the version 1.7.1 yet?
  5. I wanted to recommend an option at world gen screen that would be akin to Minecraft’s starter chest, but without the chest and with fewer items. I would like to see an option I could choose to toggle that would allow a player to start their game with a few extra items in their inventory- bread, a flint knife, and one temporal item that allows them to reset their default spawn location earlier in the game. Maybe a flint spear as well. This would allow a player to choose a softer start to their game when desired, and would make exploring a bit to find a more satisfactory location to invest in early on much more enjoyable and practical.
  6. Thalius

    Ideas for combat

    Some great ideas here! Not sure about moving the mouse as a means of aiming a weapon's swing, but the rest of it I can see easily. On piercing weapons though- some piercing weapons would ignore blunt damage protection that armor would offer. During the era of metal armor, piercing weapons were designed to punch holes in armor, and so suits of armor were particularly prone to such weapons. Medieval war hammers with spikes on the back side, for instance. Heavy blunt damage, and piercing damage an option when the situation called for it. Such attacks were brutal, I would imagine, but slow as the spike would get stuck in the metal armor and thus make for longer periods of time before a second swing could be made when the spike side of the weapon was employed.
  7. Allow for a player to save a copy of a creative mode world or a cheat enabled world in a non-cheat survival mode. This cold be done through a "save copy of world as..." option in the in-game menu, or a "create copy of world as..." option in the world selection menu. In either case, all edits to the world would also be saved in the new copy. Greatest asset to this function would be the ability to craft scenarios into a world under creative mode that you could then play through in a true survival setting.
  8. I read over this before and can't believe this part did not stand out in my mind better! Would LOVE to see this implemented in the game. Sometimes mining for materials and such just gets monotonous. When that happens, run the trade routes and see what you discover along the way. CERTAINLY would add a TON to the temptation to explore, and with obvious reward for doing so. Trade between more distant villages yields better prices and more diverse inventory available for trade, or for purchase and use. Or, as you said, just skip mining altogether and be play as a trader/merchant... although the best building materials should only be available through mining and crafting, in my opinion... ...or perhaps from rare villages set in mining type towns. Those mining towns could also sit on extensive mine systems, allowing for the non-mining player to explore sub-surface without having to worry about the mining they are wanting to avoid in their game-play style. Food, armor, tools, etc, being available at game-balancing prices would also be a fun alternative to the norm for when you need a change in game play for a bit! All of this would do a lot to get some players seeking out and exploring new areas and biomes, with the accompanying risk. Travel for long distances would require safe places to sleep for the night, thus multiple bases or forts and such- food stash, small farms, etc. Can't wait to see this start coming into the game!!!
  9. I wanted to suggest that tools be placed in the game to allow for the shaping of various stone and clay type blocks. In M-craft I use the chisel and bits mod. I will admit that the mod is inspiring this post and so is, to a large extent, the forging mechanic that has been created for the crafting of metal tools in VS. The level of creativity in the game would increase greatly if the player were given the tools to "chisel" blocks and clay to obtain different shapes. Bits could be saved for use in a variety of creations, including creation of everything from decorations in builds, to statues, to sculpture paintings engraved in walls. The chisels and bits mod style of doing this needs an overhaul to be less irritating, but the general idea would be the same. I would suggest at least two tools added to the game in survival mode- a chisel bench and a a hammer and chisel set. Use of hammer and chisel with the Chisel bench would allow for blocks to be "chiseled" into various shapes. Bench would allow for the following: Blocks being edited could be rotated as the player worked Work on the bench can include more than one block at a time up to a reasonable size (2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 2x2x2, 2x2x3, 2x3x3, 3x3x3 for instance. Ability to zoom in and out to view and chisel different areas would be required if this feature was included.) have different sizes of chunks taken out of it as the player wishes allow for new chunks of stone/clay/jewels to be added to it all work done on the bench can be undone until the block is removed, at which point the changes are permanent. The block can be placed back on the bench for further work, but none of the previous work can be automatically undone. Commonly used shapes could be saved via recipes to speed up crafting of commonly used block shapes. The hammer and chisel could be used independently of the bench in the game world, but with less options: blocks could not be rotated for work no zoom factor work done cannot be undone automatically. Bits must be gathered and replaced to repair any unwanted work done independent of the bench. As for the collection of "bits"- I would suggest that not all "bits" chiseled off can be saved. Much of stone work results in useless broken materials- stone material lost due to dust and broken fragments that are useless in further stone work. For instance- one block is composed of MANY little bits, but a block broken down with a chisel might yield one full stack of "bits" that could be used. In addition to placement of bits, I would also suggest that blocks could be broken down on the chisel bench into different sized pieces- slabs and smaller blocks to be stored in inventory for use in building on the bench or in the game world. I wish I could draw up a GUI for the crafting side of this idea, but I do not have the means or the skill. I envision something very simple though. Once the GUI for the chisel bench is pulled up you have access to the following: an in-game chisel bench faded out a bit in the background with the block(s) being worked on hovering in mid air two keys to allow for zoom in and out on the area where the chisel is hovering a third key or middle mouse wheel button allowing for the rotation of the block(s) horizontally a fourth key to allow the block(s) to be flipped vertically after which the middle mouse or other button would rotate the block(s) horizontally for further work. A slot where recipes can be placed for fast editing of a block(s) into commonly used shapes. IF this idea were employed smoothly and correctly, it could serve as a replacement mechanic for many stone related crafting recipes in the game, allowing for the "chiseling" of stone related blocks like stairs and slabs, even as forging has been employed for crafting of metal tools. At the very least a similar mechanic allowing for greater variety in stone crafting would add a significant level of creativity to the game's building options. The microblock mechanic now employed in the game through forging makes this kind of crafting possible. I would also suggest the possibility that the microblock mechanic could be employed to allow shovels to target 1/8th of a block of soil, allowing for the cutting of dirt steps into the side of hills. Soil "dug" away this way would be lost and not collected in inventory, It would provide a very simple and real mechanic to the game world.
  10. I wanted to pose the idea of adding the ability to shape various stone blocks by the use of a chisel. A mod I liked to use in M-craft was the old "chisel n bits" mod, which allowed the player to craft just about anything they could possibly imagine by shaping blocks one tiny bit at a time. The bits could be saved and placed to alter any other block in the game (almost) allowing for unlimited creativity, if you had the time to put it to full use. I would not suggest creating something like the full chisel n bits mod in VS, but something inspired by it. Drop the "bits" part of the mod and allow for the chiseling of stone materials. In reality, little or nothing is usable after being broken off of a slab of stone or marble, so it does not make sense to keep the chiseled pieces in play anyway. If a player had the ability to chip away small or large pieces of stone blocks, then the creativity on the building side of the game would be greatly enhanced. Depending on how small of a piece could be chiseled off of the stone material, just about anything could be sculpted in the game, large or small. I would suggest that there be two ways a block can be "chiseled": The first, and safest way, would be through the use of a "Chiseling Bench". Here, stone type materials can be carved with the option to undo changes made as long as the block is not removed from the bench. Once removed, changes are permanent. The block could be placed back on the bench for further sculpting, but nothing done in the previous session could be undone. The second way is faster but more risky, and created for larger projects like sculpting the outside of buildings or large sculptures- it would be through the use of a chisel without the bench. Draw back would be that any chiseling done is permanent with no opportunity to undo mistakes. All that is broken off would be gone, so no storage worries on the bits left over. Each block chiseled would be unique, though, and so the player that sculpted a lot of them would run into storage issues if they dismantled large projects since unique blocks could not be stacked; but that would be the player's problem to deal with in-game. Perhaps a storage solution could be created specifically for chiseled blocks? One suggestion would be to create a bag to carry sculpted items. If you can carry 99 blocks in one slot in your inventory, then it would not be too far outside of the realm of logic to allow for placing sculpted blocks into a special bag for sculpted blocks that would take up one slot in your inventory. When accessed it would open up an inventory window that showed the individual sculpted blocks that had been placed in it- up to 99 (or whatever the limit per slot will ultimately be).
  11. It's not meant to be dark as much as the description is meant to be logical. Why would there be a fire flinging flower growing on cave walls around lava pits underground anyway? Unless flinging fire at animals and people benefited it somehow? I suppose you could just say it does it in self-defense, but the idea that the plant survives off of smoke and ash makes more sense, given it grows on cave walls around lava pools. The jungle version of the plant could be explained in that it shoots poison barbs to kill small animals so that the decomposing remains provide food for the roots that it has put out in the area, just below the soil surface. Larger animals are not killed, but instead become lethargic, and have trouble healing for some time, which explains why it shoots poison barbs but does not kill you, the player, but instead gives some temporary negative status effects that can cause problems in certain situations. The game will have a background story/lore aspect to it, and I envision different characters turning up on lost pages and in books that will turn up in game from time to time. One such character may be a person with a particular interest in understanding the plant life in the world- a botanist of sorts, who writes about both common and rare and dangerous plants found in different parts of the world. I wrote my description of the fire flower based on what may be contained in a lore item regarding the plant. Perhaps the player that collects all or most of the "botanist's" writings acquires a certain skill or skills- Becomes a botanist of sorts themselves and gains improved efficiency in farming, or increased proficiency in potion brewing, or greater success and yield in extracting various qualities from medicinal plants and such. It's not dark, it's just nature...
  12. I have been doing a little thinking on this topic and wanted to put some ideas on the board. May I suggest three different options that would be tailored to three different levels of difficulty in the game? On easy mode, no items are dropped from hotbar or inventory when you die, including armor and equipped weapons. Easy mode is supposed to be for those who want a less challenging, more laid-back game experience anyway. Or perhaps inventory items are dropped in a bag that does not de-spawn, but you still have to return to pick them up. Hotbar items remain in the hotbar. On normal mode, items in the hotbar are kept upon dying, as well as armor and equipped weapons, but inventory items are dropped and de-spawn within a few minutes. Create a skill set to which players can allocate points acquired on level up that increase the amount of time before dropped items de-spawn. On hard mode, all items are dropped and de-spawn fairly quickly. Allow use of same skill set available in normal mode to increase the time before item de-spawn. My main point in suggesting hotbar, armor and weapon items be allowed to remain with the player unless difficulty level is on hard is this: I imagine the creation of good weapons and armor through forging and alchemy processes in the game will be both challenging and rewarding, and take time. It will make exploration over long distances frustrating on certain levels if items that have large amounts of time and resources invested in them can be so easily lost. Allowing hotbar and equipped items to remain while inventory items are dropped is a suggested compromise between keeping or losing everything. Just some thoughts...
  13. Ugh... "It's taken me like, not even half a game day to get back here! Where did all my diamond armor go!!! Diamonds last forever, right!?! ...Arrrrggg!!!" Can we link the de-spawning of gear to the hardest difficulty setting or something? ?
  14. I say you drop a bag or backpack containing items upon death, and it does not de-spawn. If additional bags are carried to increase inventory, those are dropped as well. Items in hot bar are strewn around on ground and do not de-spawn either, or perhaps are damaged from weathering over long periods of time laying out on the ground. Damage would not occur to items held in bags.
  15. Is there an option to connect to a local network game in the future? Would be great if my son and daughter and I could share a world together at the kitchen table without having to have a server to log into or worry about our internet connection. We live in an area where it can be spotty at times without warning. I would imagine we would have to own different game accounts for each player of course, similar to the way it is with Minecraft and other games, but it would certainly be easier for us to play together and work together in a common world if the local network option was available eventually.
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