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  1. Spring has sprung in the Wilderlands! If you don't know how the server's time passes, it takes approx. two full real life months to pass one full game year. The arrival of spring is a significant event, and a great time to get started if you've been thinking about joining the WIlderlands! Some other exciting things on the horizon as well. Look forward to seeing some of you there... ~TH~
  2. I'd love to see "biome" dependent ruins and other things show up as well. Something ancient and buried under mountains of snow and ice in the arctic would be a fun thing to very rarely encounter. That would be a lot more love for the arctic, after the other things I first laid out find their way into the game. I want to be able to live up there first, though, and in a way that is fitting to the environment- i.e. meat dependent diet, having to travel long distances to haul wood for fires, needing clothing made from seal hides and polar bear fur, etc. As for other "biome" and zone depende
  3. I have gotten in the habit of just hitting "e" and pulling up my inventory box. That freezes the camera so I can more easily work on smithing and knapping projects. It would be nice if there was a key you could hit to freeze the camera though, and leave it frozen till you hit the key again. I see no problem with the mechanics though, personally. They could use some fine-tuning, which Redram said is being discussed and will be addressed to make the process smoother. That will help make it more enjoyable, or at least more tolerable for those that don't exactly look forward to blacksmithing
  4. Due to popular demand from the Wilderlands community, the server is now using the CarryCapacity mod. Thank you @copygirlfor a brilliantly simple and immersive qol addition to the VS experience! ~TH~
  5. Sent you a pm with some info, @Kai Effelsberg
  6. Ah, understood. I was actually going to send a message to have the server listed there, once I have a screenshot and possibly a server logo of sorts. Working on that in the next day or two.
  7. .The Wilderlands server can be found in the list of public servers in your client->multiplayer->public servers page in the list of whitelisted servers. Being that it is whitelisted, you will need to be added to the server to get access For that, join our Discord forum if at all possible.
  8. ~A Wilderlands Update~ Server has been updated to version 1.14.10! In addition, a few significant adjustments have been made to the server world: With permission from Mr1k3, a modified version of the Better Drifters mod has been added to the server. Loot drops slightly decreased (but still improved over default settings), deep drifters can climb anywhere, deep and corrupt drifters take no fall damage, tainted drifters are large enough to hit a target on a two block pillar but are too big to move through narrow passages, nightmare drifters are slightly faster, and tainted t
  9. Following. Hope to hear more on this soon. -Rare goblin camps in mountain areas under mountain overhangs and in caves would be fun. -Add some stashed loot that they tuck away- gold and gems and such, and rarely weapons, clothing or other artifacts one might buy off a trader. -Have them wandering around at night around the area where their camp is located, hunting, and they return close to sunrise. If you encounter them in the night one could try not to kill one and wait for sunrise, then track it back to it's camp. They should wander around in shaded mountain overhangs and under
  10. Looking forward to when they can offer modding and higher player counts. I know they are working toward that, eventually. Would love to bring The Wilderlands back "home" one day.
  11. Success!! Figured out how to make only deep drifters climb. A big thanks to Mr1k3 for pointing me in the right direction. Now to figure out how to tweak attack range of specific drifters. I think that is going to be a harder nut to crack.
  12. When I think hand cannon, I picture something like this:
  13. This, for me too, lol. Only thing I pan is bony soil.
  14. If/when they add mobs that require such weapons, I might change my opinion. Personally, I think good bows (which are planned, and steel tipped spears along with shields and such will work just fine, depending on what is added. I like the feel of the game as it is and the direction they seem to be taking it. If the game advances to the point where one needs advanced guns like auto-loaders and long range rifle type weapons (even the steam punk version), it will have gone in a direction I'm not sure I'd enjoy as much. Just my opinion though. ~TH~ Oh, and as for "nerdpoling"- I de
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