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  1. As title says, I'd like to see braziers added to the game. I know there have been discussions and news that eventually fire pits will get an overhaul, bringing a change to burn times (fuel consumption rates) and other fire mechanics with ovens and (hopefully) fireplaces and other things making their way into the game. As a way of lighting and warming larger rooms or just as outdoor torches intended to light up large areas, I'd like to see braziers. I think they would make a great aesthetic addition to the game. A few pics as examples along the lines of what I'd envision:
  2. Right click pick up, or do they need to be broken like a normal block, which I would expect. Either work, or course. Just thought it might look cool to be able to slide them.
  3. Now if we could just push things like those pieces around...
  4. I think that rather than a whole new world or realms or anything like in Minecraft or other games, we should have the following: Down deep underground at the bottom of the world there should be areas of extreme temporal instability- something unusual that one notices when in the area, aside from just your temporal gear spinning like mad. These places should be found in caverns that may or may not have tunnel systems connecting them to the surface. Down there at the bottom of the world in these locations, we would find small cavernous areas carved out in the past that are now ruins- relics
  5. Would love to eventually see damage types added around various weapons. Hammers would just need to be repaired, of course. That is why I said that a sharpness attribute would be added to "appropriate" weapons and tools. Personally I want to wield a shield and a war hammer as a main, and strap a double bladed war axe on my back for when brute force is called for.
  6. Not sure what you mean by battles dragging on over time, and having to constantly sharpen a weapon. Three or four hits on a drifter with a lower tier weapon and they are down. That happens fast. If you are talking about combat in pvp against players wearing armor, I suppose that could go on for a while. I have no experience with pvp combat though. That being said, I never implied that a weapon would dull quickly. It would take time, and as with all metal types, higher tier weapons and tools would last longer before needing to be sharpened. A main point of my suggestion is providing mec
  7. This suggestion adds a deeper element to several things: It introduces a system of weapon and tool care, making it possible to potentially maintain an item indefinitely with proper maintenance. It introduces a deeper element to blacksmithing work. It adds an additional element to combat and work in general, rewarding greater damage against opponents and better resource gathering and output to the player that takes proper care of their gear. Here is what I offer for consideration: All appropriate weapons and tools would have a sharpness/dullness factor added t
  8. Greetings! The Wilderlands server has been updated to the current stable version (1.14.8). Currently there are 18 players whitelisted into the server, but we are not yet experiencing any crowding issues. A few of us are on fairly regularly throughout the day with others joining from time to time. The player population is pretty spread out at the moment, but not too far from spawn. Around the spawn area a village setting is slowly unfolding, but much of the world remains untouched. So far there are a lot of lone wolves, you might say, but I expect that in time small villages will s
  9. The VS hosting service recently enabled world config options at world gen, including the ability to set world height. After discussing it with the current server community, there was huge support for resetting the server to a world with a higher ceiling. And so, the Wilderlands server was reset yesterday evening. This will be the only foreseeable reset. World config settings are still the same as laid out in the original post, and the world height is set to 512. Some pretty impressive geology very near to spawn. Currently there are 12 players whitelisted into the server, which suppo
  10. Chilling at spawn. Wilderlands is a cold and savage place at the moment...
  11. I'm looking for a few players interested in testing out a new VS hosted server that I have set up. Server is PVE and is whitelisted. Interested parties would have to message me to be added to the whitelist. Here are a few details: Intent for the server is to be mod free, and stay updated with each stable release of Vintage Story. I am interested in hosting a community of mature players that enjoy Vintage Story and would enjoy being part of an immersive VS world that sticks close to the un-modded VS experience. Some details regarding The Wilderlands server world: World size is 1m
  12. I enjoy the early game very much, and will usually spend a lot of time in stone age before choosing where my home would be. I'm pretty nomadic in my play style as well, setting up small outposts and traveling thousands of blocks in a day, stashing reed containers here and there if I manage to find anything valuable that I don't want to risk losing, returning later with more care to collect my loot. This means a lot of foraging, and nailing chickens and rabbits on the run with spears usually, or a crude bow from time to time. My class of choice therefore is the hunter, whether on a multipla
  13. Adjusting stack size though does nothing to implement such things as slowing you down and increasing hunger rate if you are over burdened, or allowing for a speed increase to movement if you are carrying nothing. I was communicating that I'd like to see something more dynamic in load bearing other than just limiting amounts you can carry at a time. Add "enable player load bearing mechanics" as a difficulty setting to turn this on at world gen, and an in-game world config option to adjust a character's weight bearing stats (strength) as you desire.
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