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  • New plants and colored lights

    Grand Vintarians!
    There is news to report!


    • Added a features page which will give you a glance on what is complete and what I'm currently spending most my time on. 
    • Rewrote vision page in the hopes of boiling it down to the essentials

    Game Update since last news entry

    • Colored lights, just finished minutes ago and super happy to have it completed and it's good looking too. It can seamlessly blend 16k colors in any combination. Through block json configuration files you can add/remove whatever color light source you like, if modding is your thing ;-)


      => More pictures
    •  Saraty made some great looking flowers and tallgrass, some of them have multiple variants. They all serve a particular purpose during world generation.
      • Orange mallow, a flower which will appear in dry climates
      • Heather and Western Gorse: Will appear in low fertility areas in temperate to cold climates
      • Edelweiss: A uncommon sight in temperate mountains
      • Horsetail: Common in temperate forests and wet areas

    Edited by Tyron

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