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  • Spooktober update (v1.17.7, v1.17.8)


    Dear Extraordinary Survivalists
    v1.17.7 & 8, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

    Unrack your chisels and dig into your food storage. It's pumpkin carving time!

    [Edit:] Also released v1.17.8 to fix a texturing issue with pumpkins, fix a crash with chiseled blocks and to make the handbook pause toggle-able



    Game updates

    • Feature: Can now chisel pumpkins in (the real life months) October and November. Includes a glowy chisel material for extra spook.
    • Tweak: The game now pauses in singleplayer when opening the handbook
    • Tweak: Game now logs available system ram on startup
    • Tweak: Reduced peridot deposits by 66%
    • Tweak: Randomly rotate texture on sand
    • Tweak: Added a link to clay on the pottery guide page
    • Fixed: Fruit trees no longer updating correctly upon world/chunk reload
    • Fixed: Multiple visual issues with fruit trees (thin branches not wood typed, thick branch ends looked cut off, thick branches had not frost overlay, floaty up facing thin branches)
    • Fixed: Should mitigate a crash on corrupted chunks
    • Fixed: Player getting kicked / server exception if right clicking a trader while the frame profiler is enabled
    • Fixed: -i command line arg not working
    • Fixed: Pulverizer dropping 0 sized stacks in some cases
    • Fixed: Slabs turned to chiseled blocks can no longer be expanded in size
    • Fixed: Underground lake schematics generating without water
    • Fixed: Linux install.sh: Create .local/share/applications folder if it does not exist
    • Fixed: Should fix a client crash related to fruit trees
    • Fixed: Might fix teleporters not working on low server tick rate
    • Fixed: Perishable information not displayed for perishable liquids, such as milk
    • Api Fixed: ModMaker not correctly prefixing game: to vanilla file paths



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