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    Stable Balanced Worldmap Hotfix (v1.6.0)


    Version 1.6.0, a stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager. 
    After 1.6.0-rc.2 no major issues have been reported, so I did some more polishing and feel confident enough to declare this release as stable!

    Before you update from 1.5.x

    • Make a backup of your world before installing version 1.6-rc.1

    After you update from 1.5.x

    • Worlds started before version 1.6-rc.1 will have broken leaves and clothes. Fix them by applying the remap commands as listed on the wiki page "Updating Old Worlds"

    Onto 1.7.0! \o/


    Game updates

    • Tweak: Added new subcommands for reading/setting land claim allowance and max areas per role
      • /role [rolename] landclaimallowance
      • /role [rolename] landclaimmaxareas
      • /role [rolename] landclaimminsize
    • Tweak: Can now give extra land claim allowance to individual players via commands
      • /player [playername] landclaimallowance
      • /player [playername] landclaimmaxareas
    • Tweak: Added new subcommands to modify your current land claim selection: /we claim g[n|e|s|w]
    • Tweak: The World map hotkey is now split into 2 hotkeys
      • F6: Enable/disable world map hud
      • M: Open/Close world map dialog
    • Tweak: Added greater variety of death messages
    • Tweak: Nerfed hyenas. Lowered hyena attack damage from 8 to 6, reduced player seeking range from 20 to 10, made hyenas flee upon attacking them
    • Tweak: Nerfed fire: Takes longer before it tries to spread, lowered chance of it spreading, lowered burn duration of tall grass, making it easier to control a grass fire
    • Tweak: Buffed all beds - added 2 extra hours of sleep to all 3 variants
    • Tweak: Rebalanced Weather. Weather patterns should change a little less often, foggy weather should now be less common and have a higher chance of being less foggy
    • Tweak: Added new recipe to make dough making less grindy. 8 grain all around a center water bucket yields 8 dough. 
    • Tweak: Lead can now be worked cold on the anvil
    • Tweak: Boosted chance of underground ruins spawning by +50%
    • Tweak: Main screen music now plays again after 5-15 minutes of inactivity
    • Tweak: Made dynamic shadows a bit more intense (= darker)
    • Tweak: Added 8 flour + 1 water bucket recipe as a quick relief for the tedious dough crafting thing
    • Tweak: Knapping, Clayforming and Smithing grid outlines now fade out over distance
    • Tweak: Clouds should blend better with the fog.
    • Fixed: Planter and Flowerpot block info displayed (Empty) even when plants inside
    • Fixed: Unpretty gui/tp transform for lanterns Fixed: Crash reporter launching twice
    • Fixed: Game crashing when unfocusing and refocusing the recipe selector
    • Fixed: Distant graphics glitches from dynamic shadows
    • Fixed: Server log ticking could not be enabled

    Edited by Tyron

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